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Name: Rook Roach

Alias: LIX

Age: 679

Rank: Numeros

Number: 59


Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Weight: 188 lbs

General: Rook has a weightlifter kind of build, with deep bronze skin reminiscent of native-american or middle eastern heritage, and strong muscled features. He has shoulder length black hair, each lock quite thick and dirtied if he hasn't regenerated in awhile, tied loosely behind his head and out of his face. He has no scars or wounds on his face, though his eyes usually have a very tired look, with bags beneath both of them. His eyes are a steely grey tone. On his face he has two tattoos; two black lines going from his eyes down his cheeks, ending at his jaw line. His face is usually dirtied, and he has very short facial hair; a peach fuzz mustache and goatee that looks as though he hasn't shaved in about a week. All his teeth are solid gold.

Rook is usually splattered with blood or dirt.

Attire: His body is routinely decorated in custom made quartz crystal jewelry, along with his golden teeth, giving him a flashy look. Usually wearing the numeros uniform of white clothing, he wears loose a robe like coat with a white sash around his belt, white shoes and baggy pants finish it off.

Personal Information

Personality: Extremely greedy, he adores petty things like money, jewels, and treasures, collecting "worthwhile" objects to sate his greed. He is obsessed with collecting anything he finds valuable, whether it is an inanimate object or a person or even something metaphysical, and as such considers everything he sees as worthy to be something worth dying to collect. At most times, he seems very calm and collected, wearing a cool and content smile and calmly killing with the slightest of ease and zero regard for human life, throwing away thousands of lives for one jewel if need be.

He hates loud and annoying grating noises, weakly covering his ears at such sounds. He hates hearing people scream or cry, but loves torturing them and watching their expressions. A masochist, he often hurts himself for pleasure or mockingly shows a pleased expression when hurt.  He is also very proud of his power, and very blunt in battle. He doesn't like backwards roundabout tactics, preferring to rush in and smash his way to victory. Despite this he can be quite calculating, he's just impatient.

He has a horrible fear of death, and becomes a coward when in the face of surefire doom.

Historical outline: Died as a human, but with no memories as a hollow his life and name only started when he became a sentient hollow. Killing and eating any soul he saw, he happily lived for many decades, becoming a formidable hollow. It was a long time until he, with the help of a certain espada, removed his mask. With a gain in power, he sunk most of his strength into attaining a pseudo immortality, and now works within the organized arrancar.

Self serving, he's become known for finding and trading information, services, and certain goods.

Combat Information


Name: Vidardid (Trick of Life)

Release Phrase:  Open

Appearance: A tongue stud, solid steel and ball shaped on the tip of his tongue.


Appearance: Rooks body becomes thinner and slightly taller, his nails and fingers growing longer and more slender and his ears becoming sharp and pointed, as coarse black hairs grow in everywhere but his face and pectoral muscles. In the middle of his head,  his mask piece splits into pieces while an eye opens up, bright yellow and large. His tattoos grow to “bleed” down his chest, and now run down his legs beneath the dark hair.

Mechanics: As long as the eye is undamaged, Rooks body will regenerate at an obscenely high speed. The eye draws in reiatsu from the air, the earth, and himself to grow and replace organs, emitting cells at a super massive speed to replace damaged ones. Removed body parts lose their “fuel” and quickly turn to dust and vanish.

Granted Abilities

Echo: Rook “shoots” his eye out like a bala from his head, his body dying instantly and a new one growing from his eye once it stops moving. It has enough force to fly miles and is used as a fast travel. He is able to control it in this state, protecting it with a reiatsu bubble and speaking by vibrating the air. This is Rooks most vulnerable state.

Parasyte: Rook is able to give his eye to someone to “merge” with them, the eye boring his veins and flesh into them until they become one. This essentially grants the person his regenerative powers and lets them communicate mentally, Rook watching from the eye. He can leave whenever he wishes. He is able to manipulate those with low energy, such as weaker hollows or humans, though they ironically have their souls crushed by the strain most of the time.

Inchor Claws: His claws are quite sharp in this form. He is highly efficient with them, using them to tear people apart with ease and slicing solid rock with a slash.

Lashes: Rooks arms and legs can stretch out or bend in unusual ways, though the speed at which they do so is not terribly fast. This can allow for trick attacks or sneak shots, if need be.


Garganta/Air Gate: Rook is able to grab the air and rip it apart to form a garganta. Because he must do it this way, and cannot open one with his mind alone, it shows he is at a much lower level than the espada. Rook has also developed a special pocket of the world between Earth and Hueco Mundo, where he keeps his collection. This hidden home, filled with treasures and money and jewels, is called the Boarded World. It looks similar to a lavish living room.

Silbido: Rook is able to communicate with low level hollows with a special sound he emits with his lips, a whistle that sends them commands, calling them even across dimensions.

Gonzui: Rook is able to kill and eat humans and low level spirits long distance, sucking in the souls. He is also able to spit them back out, implant them into other bodies, and perform other perverse deeds with them, as hollows have demonstrated before. He enjoys forcing innocent souls he has defeated into bodies that are nothing but dolls.

Cero Córnea: Firing from his third eye, this small cero beam is powerful enough to shoot though most targets, blasting if it cannot pierce.

Pesquisa: Rooks pesquisa comes in the form of a small spotlight eminating from his eye that scans what it lands on, taking in information about their spiritual power and revealing to him illusions that are not too far beyond his mind to comprehend.

Strengths: His regeneration is at such a level that the unwise will confuse it with immortality, though it’s simply a high level of regeneration. His tenacity, stamina, and defense all skyrocket with his increased regeneration, allowing him to outlast and outfight most enemies.

Flaws: Cocky, convinced his immortality cannot be beaten, he easily exposes his third eye. If it were damaged, it would close until it slowly healed, and he would be left utterly vulnerable for an extended period. In addition, he does not have access to sonido or hierro, instead relying on brute strength and force to kill.

Miscellaneous Information

Rook has a fear of cats, one which keeps him immobile when confronting one or causes him to flee. He does not know why, but suspects it is psychological.

Rooks favorite foods are “Anything spicy” and his least are “Anything creamy”.

He is a capable thief, stealing silently or grabbing wallets and swords as he goes with relative ease to add them to his collection.

Rooks teeth do not regenerate with his mouth, forcing him to collect and reinsert his golden teeth one by one, a pastime he does not enjoy doing. He doesn’t know why he has no teeth.

His mask remnant is a white band around his head, pushing his hair back and hiding the marks that become his "demon eye". His hole is in his chest, where his heart would normally be.
Name: Brion Hopper

Age: 224

Gender: Male

General Appearance: Brion has a crew cut hair style, his short red hair dyed with his own blood, leaving it running down in the morning and dried by mid day. He has a very lean and muscled build, toned from constant work outs, and his skin has become lightly tanned from working outside. He showers nightly to wash off the days blood before he sleeps, and keeps his hair cut and face shaven at all times so he doesn't get anything caught in his tools.
On his neck is a string like tattoo, going all around like a necklace. It is a series of words in jumble, and the circle goes as this; POWERSTRENGTHFORCEMIGHT. On his left arm are the words "KILL THE MAGGOTS" atop one another, now crossed out with a red X. A spider web on his back features a spider, tied in its own web and on fire, a devil at the bottom gleefully burning it. It's his most intricate tattoo.
Standing at about 5 feet 8 inches, Brion dresses in stern contradiction to the normally dignified and routined feelings of 1st division. He constantly wears scanning sunglasses, even when inside, tinted brown/black and hiding his eyes, while providing him with valuble information on his targets through their connection to the 12th division network.
His fingers are usually bandaged, and he often has a eager and exhausted look to his face.
He often wears sneakers rather than the normal footwear, and a thick yellow belt around his waist holds some of his many tools.
His body (and scalp especially) are riddled with wounds and scar tissue.

Strengths: His incredibly aggressive nature leads to a high speed assault. With shunpo, Brion is very quick and hasty, rushing in with incredible brutal attacks and never holding back as he goes into a wild and unpredictable frenzy. He is quick to dodge, quick to swing, and always thinking a step ahead when it comes to beating someones teeth out.

Weaknesses: His nature makes him careless and difficult, leading to him getting into bad situations. He overestimates his own power as well, getting cocky often and speaking down to superiors when he shouldn't. Often he attempts balls out strategies, and ends up hospitalized for weeks, and his own body tends to be weaker than his hakuda, leading to self inflicted injuries.

Element: Heat

Personality: Aggressive, rude, and loud, Brion is just about as offensive as a shinigami can be. He loves to start a fight, and prefers to finish it in a bloody brutal way. He hates polite or quiet people, and loves to make jokes at others expense, and prefers people be the same way to him. His lifestyle is almost religious, performing a brutal morning ritual wherein he strikes himself with his own zanpacuto in the head. He repeats this until the bloodflow stains his hair and his scalp, running down his face. Afterwards he cleans a bare minimum off, and starts his day.
He is a sexual, social, and all around miscreant and deviant, who enjoys nothing more than teasing or messing with the uptight and proper people he can find.
After being released on a kind of parole, his behavior has changed somewhat, but he's still the same person all around.
He loves coffee, contact sports, drinking games, fights in general, and is often seen chewing gum which he sticks onto whatever is nearby.

Historical Outline:  Originally a criminal from the more wild districts of the soul society, Brion was arrested after killing three men in a brawl. While in custody, his unusual spiritual pressure was recognized, and after some strict interviews and personality tests, it was determined his dominant and physical style would be best suited to guarding the maggots nest. There, he regularly fought with prisoners, treating them rather poorly and learning hakuda and shunpo to keep them in place, getting stronger but staying trapped in this position. It wasn't until he pushed for a position in the court guard for many years and thwarted an internal riot that they released him on a temporary, and very closely watched, leave from the nest. 
He finished his training, and joined 1st division under close supervision, his nature now more well known but his rank at a seated officer enough to make sure people overlooked his bullying of other soul reapers, and his cruel and difficult tendencies. 

Division: 1st

Rank: 4th, self requested.

Zanpakuto Name: Uchide-no-Kozuchi or "Miracle Mallets"

Sealed Appearance: A Zanbato, or a japanese style double sided bastard sword, too heavy to swing easily, but powerful enough to kill with one sure blow.…

Release Phrase: Swing Away

Shikai Appearance: Two brass knuckle grips, much smaller than his sealed form, they are made for blunt attacks rather than piercing. They generate heat and flame as he picks up speed, allowing him to attack faster and more fiercly, but also burning him and threatening his life. Caution must be exorcised, but it never is.

Shikai Abilities: Generating impact, flame, and amplifying his kido and hakuda techniques.


Hell Grenade: A powerful blow that sends out a shockwave blast from the impact radius, essentially making it a handheld grenade technique. Mixed with his zanpacuto and kido, it can become long range, and its temperatures can set most aflame.
Dragon Breath: By clapping his hands together, he can release a shockwave though the air to scatter non-physical attacks, deafen enemies, or let loose a blast of air. His zanpacuto allows the air to set aflame, letting loose a long stream of high temperature shockwave flames.
Echo Impact: A repeating punch that is built up initially by rotating and building up force in his arm, damaging it. A direct hit will cause a chain reaction in the target, the impact bouncing around its mass and causing it to resonate again and again. On a living person, this is similar to a bullet bouncing around their body. With his shikai, it's as if the bullet was on fire, and exploding.
Return to Sender: A return technique, involving striking an incoming attack and sending it back with extra force, or even on fire. This is a very carefully performed technique, usually done with each finger acting independently, and is a show of his delicate skill when needed.
Fahrenheit Pulse: Pulse: By shifting his bones and muscles through a sort of Isometric technique, Brions entire body shifts at once while remaining motionless. This causes extreme strain to muscle, but through focus one can move every muscle in a sudden and powerful spazam to shake off bonds and restraints, loosening them and pushing them off with the sudden motion. The bonds can then be slipped out of by managing ones muscles to shift out of the loose grip. With his zanpacuto, this can cause his body to ignite in fire, or release an explosive detonation away from his body. His own reiatsu must protect him as a shield, or it will tear him apart. This technique was developed in the nest as a way to escape bonds and chains, after he was routinely restrained and bound for infractions.

Shunpo: High grade, his time in the maggots nest as a jailer required him to master it and Hakuda. He is capable of creating after images, running massive distances in short times, and keeping up with most of the best of even 2nd division.

Extremely limited, he uses Red Flame Cannon in his sealed state, and is an expert in it only, his zanpacuto built to help him influence its use for a variety of techniques, including controlling multiple, or making extra large ones in unusual shapes.

Swordsmanship: Extremely limited. His sword is too slow to be effective against serious opponents, though he can set it aflame and use it with kido.

12th division network: With his glasses, he can access the shinigami information network to look up famous individuals, bounties, and target information, as well as scan environments and situations.

Spirit Appearance: A massive muscled figure in a black hood, shirtless with a single tail like protrusion in lieu of legs, the entire body is gray in color and open wounds are all over it. The wounds are mostly large openly bleeding gashes and slashes. Its head is like a skinned human skull, muscle showing and bones red with blood, it wears the hood at all times.
Name: Mellow Dreams
Alias: Candy Man

Age: 207

Rank: Espada
Number: Eight (Octava), formally Ninety-Eight

Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 145 lbs

General: Mellow has snow white hair, bushy and curling around his head, covering his eyes usually. He has large white horns that barely poke out of this mess (a piece of his mask), long earlobes that hang to his chin, and fair pale skin.  Mellow hunches and drags along in everything he does, and has a lanky body. Not too tall, his muscles are under developed. He has blue eyes that are closed most of the time, and often has a calm and easy smile.
His number 8 is written sideways on the back of his neck.
His hollow hole is in his stomach, literally boring through his gut and giving him a bottomless appetite.

Attire: Wearing what most people refer to as a snuggie, Mellows primary attire is a overly massive white sweater. With no hood, it reaches his ankles, the neck and sleeves folded a bit, giving him a large white turtle neck that hands loosely, and long drooping sleeves, making the entire thing look like a massive stretched out mess. Quite soft, it seems to be made of a high quality material. Some of his favorite accessories include sashes, fake angel wings, and his sword, taking for form of a small circular blade, usually hovering over his head and his horns like a halo.

Personal Information

Personality: Incredibly relaxed and easy going, almost in a scary way. It seems nothing can make Mellow emit emotion, he is always in a calm state of mind. Some say this is because of how he was raised, but even seeing people die doesn't phase him. He is said to be like a reed, bending and flowing with things, never breaking from pressure. He often replies with the phrase "that would be fine" or uses it in conversation.  Mellow is simply lazy. He thinks very little and has a very selfish, self serving personality. He seeks entertainment and pleasure, enjoying almost every aspect of life that the world has to offer. He enjoys new pleasures above all, and travels far and wide to see more, and experience more. He would never do something unless he thought it would be fun and entertaining for himself, and his sense of justice boils down to his own desire to gain entertainment. His loyalty to the Noches and the leader is limited to "How much fun is this place?".

Mellow represents the deadly aspect of Intoxication.

Historical outline: Born in Hueco Mundo, he was a hollow from the start. Mellow had incredible potential, but sadly squandered it. Even without training or work he became a powerful ghost if only for his tendency to outlast enemies and kill them cheaply and without hesitation or remorse. He became a menance, killing humans in his "Acid." In his torritory hollows would be eaten up, his fast potential enough to kill them without him having to train and refine his prodigy skills.

Over time, his power grew, treating fights like jokes as he became a gillian class, a massive swamp like body eating hundreds of hollows as he soaked up territory like a creeping tar pit. Gillians fell into his swamp daily, the white sand stained with a black mass of reeking death, his power growing until he became bloated enough to draw the attention of Las Noches.

Eventually approached, he took on the offer to join and become the 98th numeros, finding a home and many new chances to eat and enjoy himself. Over time, his power continued to grow, eating more and finally eating a Espada he was supposed to serve as the fraccion for, betraying the 9th espada and all of his comrades as he devoured them all with his res, proving and raising his strength.

Dubbed eighth for his power, his reputation in shambles after eating the one he swore fealty to, he happily took his palace and has lived in peace for decades.

Combat Information

Name: Dulce: Peligroso Pegajoso (Sticky Dangerous Candy)
Release Phrase: Melt me
Appearance: a thin metal blade, circular and interlocking with itself, forming a perfect circle, with out any hilt or guard. Close inspection reveals a japanese style sword, with the inner ring being dull and blunt and the outer being sharp and bladelike. Based on its design, it shouldn't be possible to weild without cutting your hand off.

Appearance: Melted, his entire body becomes like slime or goo, thick and sticky as his hair, body, and clothes melt into a mess. His innards are non existant, sans his hollow mask remnant and his core; two thin horns, attached to a beating heart.
Mechanics: His bodies cells all move interdependantly, moving around the "core". His heart produces the slime, infinitly as long as he has enough energy, pumping it out in droves and controlling it as long as it can touch it. He can see through any part of his body, and manipulate it at high speeds despite its gooey nature.  if damaged, he must retreat. if destroyed, he dies.
Granted Abilities: His heart is able to manipulate, alter, and control the slime it makes in a number of ways. Firstly, it can harden it into a crystal like substance. Its hardness is comparable to rock, but is much harder given the nature of his high spirtual energy. it can generally only be broken by higher levels of spirtual energy.

His heart is also able to alter the slime into its 5 different types, giving a new color to each one. Colored hardened forms retain their nature on some level.

Red: The warm mode, the slime is warm and soothing, able to mend and heal in small doeses, retoring vitality to allies like a concentrated injection of reiatsu. However he can also make it too powerful, making the slime blast off steam and become hot enough to melt bones, as it mimics lava. Drinking it would empower a person only if they could survive drinking lava.
Yellow: The powerful mode, this slime is as resilient and mighty as industrial glue, allowing Mellow to access it for strength, and for trapping enemies. Its crystals are the hardest, though it has no abilities like the others.
Green: The acid mode, the slime is acidic and viciously powerful. Rusting metal, dissolving flesh and stone, it threatens to melt and eat everything. This is often his most used form, and is used to digest souls and hollows alike when he feels like it. It can be washed off, but not wiped off.
Blue: the candy mode, his weakest mode, a simple sweet candy slime that can harden and shapen and be produced much easier than the others. When fighting, he often makes as much Blue slime as possible, before converting it into deadlier varieties, allowing him to bypass having to stright produce the more complex versions. The candy has few properties on its own, though it is excessivly delicious, even addictive if he concentrates.
Black: The poison mode, the slime is capable of causing numbness, sending people into a coma, or flat out killing them without damaging the body, unlike the others. Attacking the nervous system, this slime is the most dangerous in small doses, causing seasoned warriors to lose their senses. Damaged body parts are stained black, and ones innards and outter body are best cured by healing techniques, red warm slime from his red form, or a saltwater and medicinal bath.

NON-RES hollow powers:

Descorrdor: Mellow is able to open a small circular Garganta between worlds, enough for regular hollows and arrancar to travel through, and is also able to open a window like doorway to view far away events for fun, or to scope out a landing spot.

Regeneration: Easily able to reform himself as he eats, as long as he can use his Res, Mellow is only able to heal if he is able to enter it, slime reforming into his limbs for when he returns to his normal state. Losing an arm, or both arms, has very little meaning to him as long as he can replenish his energy.

Pesquisa: Mellow is highly gifted in the art. Trained in its use and naturally talented, he is quite gifted at sensing people within 100 yards, and intentions within 20. 'Loud' intentions, meaning those driven by powerful emotions, might be sensed much further away if they are loud enough. IE someone who is suffering the worst imaginable loss, screaming and howling in rage and sorrow.

Sonido: Capable of using it, he isn't too skilled, usually going through things rather than around them, and preferring to clod around than show grace.

Telepathy: He is able to move his zanpacuto as if it was controlled by his mind, the blade spinning about wildly and freely as he uses it to harvest humans and hollows alike.

Cero/Bala/Gran Ray Cero: Capable of using them, but usually not. His skill in them is low and his patience is thin, usually just preferring to strike with his superior power and be done with one blow. His cero fires from his mouth, and its color is a sheer bright white, like a florescent light. His balas are a similar color, and if at all he fires them in short sudden bursts like a Shotgun, spreading outward aimlessly and carelessly. His Gran Ray Cero is careless and reckless enough to kill himself along with his allies, exploding around him when it fires with a nasty recoil, though losing his arms and sides is never something he worries about. Due to the nature of his release, it can only be done in his human shape.

WEAKNESSES: His heart in his res form is his largest weakness. As big as a fist, it moves through his body like a fish, often coated in hardened slime. His mind, while capable and sharp, is lazy and sluggish, preferring to take things as they are than try to fix them. Though he can be clever, it often takes awhile. His hard slime, though powerful, can be broken either through repeated strikes, or by overwealming it at once, and the effects of his acid slime can be countered by high resistance and heavy reiatsu.

STRENGTHS: Mellow is able to use his powers to fire endless slime of a rainbow of colors, and become it. He can shoot it like a fire hose in mass, or produce mere droplets. He can also control and move the slime with his willpower, molding it at will. Finally, he can shift it from 'hard' to 'melted' at will. He can make his slime hard as steel, and often uses it to protect his heart. His versatility, his complicated body, his endless mass, and his natural skills in killing and eating make him a dangerous force.



As of the coup of Zead Tzimeo and the death of King Leone, Mellow has been demoted, and now carries number 108, his tattoo erased.
Name: Erik Arstotzka
Age:  32
Gender: Male

Appearance: Erik is a trim and fit man of german descent, looking more like a banker than a quincy. He wears a gray suit and black tie, with a white undershirt, always very neatly pressed. His eyes are a vibrant blue, and his blonde hair is cut short and combed to one side. His fair skin is unblemished, and he regularly shaves his face, all in all it gives him the appearance of a businessman.
Standing at 5 feet 6 inches, he is not at all intimidating, though his smile and his cold stare can be off putting.

Personality: He tends to have a very cold and impersonal aura about him, acting as if other people and himself are merely tools and things rather than people. Though he acts kind, smiling and being courteous, there is no kindness or warmth in his words, instead pursuing his own lecherous and selfish endeavors above anything else.
Eriks greatest joy in life is controlling others, weather though financial manipulation, exploitation, or using his abilities. He never gets flustered or loses his cool in any situation, always acting cold and calm even when pressed with the gravest of issues.
His motivations are typically self serving, seeking greater power over things, manipulating political power, and pushing others to kill or be killed because he is able to, and enjoys manipulating others into his service. With a bounty on a mans head, he can sentense them to death, and with the promise of a payout he can bring most into his service. He believes that most are willing to sacrifice honor for what he feels all souls truly crave, and what he has in abundance; warmth, shelter, companionship, and never ending food (or souls, if the client is correct).
He has an infatuation with numbers and math, often counting things idly or outloud and performing high caliber calucations in his head at record speeds. Puzzles, number problems, and equations amuse him to the point where the gallery of books in his home house either number problems and math textbooks and histories, or simple accounting records. Every one of the books he owns in his library is a dry record, in this regard.
One of his very few hobbies is knot tying and rope work, something he began to practice in full when he learned of his skill. He knows many ties and practices often, playing with knots and bonds and learning as he goes. The first one he learned to tie was a noose, for example.

Likes:  Controlling others, hoarding wealth, lecherous indulgences, feeding pigeons, intellectual challenges, knots.
Dislikes: Being controlled and threatened, being outsmarted, hot summer days, late and careless people.
Theme Song: Frantic Factory…

History: Born in America, Erik is the son of a German immigrant, and carried his fathers accent and native tongue as he grew up in his household. Eventually going into school and college, Erik became an unscrupulous banker, and slowly grew a habit of cruel and risky banking practices, some of which have contributed to the various financial meltdowns in the economy. Every time the bubble burst though, Erik was still able to come out ahead, now owning enough land and wealth to buy his own home, and estate after that, with several employed workers there full time.
Erik first began to realize his abilities when he was researching his own heritage, looking for more fulfillment than he was getting out of toying with his employees and his various debtors. Soon he discovered that he carried quincy blood, and after much time and effort, began to really learn about his powers.
On his own he was limited, only able to generate a bow at age 24, he poured more money and time into his research, until he began to focus more on his mind. Using his own means, he researched Disheveled Paradise Puppet technique, and soon mastered it beyond what he had originally thought he was capable of.
Erik now spends his time playing with his powers and abusing them, he seeks further fulfillment and meaning, and for a way to enjoy himself in even further methods.

Strengths: High medical knowledge, high combat tactical skills and abilities, aggressive and deceptive nature makes it easy for him to manipulate others
Weaknesses: Low offense and defense skill makes it hard for him to physically combat others, anyone with strength or reiatsu over 78 can break his strings with ease, his range is limited for a quincy as his bow is not powerful and his strings only work within a small range around him.

Quincy Info

Bow Name: Sehne Saite (Lit Muscle Chords, or "String Stringer"
Vernähen- A very short plus shaped bow with small stinger like arrows. It takes awhile to prepare and fire a shot, but Eriks accuracy is top class. The arrows however are not, as his rate of fire is one per second, and the arrows are not especially lengthy or powerful. They do however carry his Strings (see below), and when an arrow pierces something, he can connect the string and bind that object.
Level: Rookie
Disheveled Paradise Puppet-
As it was the only ability Erik was able to unlock though his own training, he has mastered it to the utmost levels, pushing it even beyond what it was originally designed for. Using the brain and the soul, Erik is able to create strings of reishi that lock around his body and force him to move, even if he is paralyzed or otherwise unable to move. Using this however, Erik was able to bind the strings to other objects or people, using the following sub techniques;
a. Faust Reborn- Erik wraps the strings around nearby bodies, corpses, or other bits of human pieces, forcing them to move and act as if they were still alive. A corpse is about as powerful as a basic hollow or a Mod Soul (with enhanced strength for example), and he can control any number in the given area around him.
b. Spiders Web- Erik spreads the strings though the air in a loose and free way, allowing people to unknowing tangle themselves before the strings become taut. Anyone can break the bind of these strings by show of physical strength or kidou/reiatsu greater than his own kidou/reiatsu. In addition, anything within his spiders web can be lightly tugged by tangling strings, allowing (if the object is not fixed or resisting) Erik to pull some objects with the strings. This simulates telekinesis, and allows him to move objects with the strings.
c. Disheveled Pandemonium Puppet- Erik binds living people with his strings, gaining control of the bound limb or body part by injecting the string into them. Often this cumulates in the form of their being forced to mimic his movements, or respond to his motions, but it can be broken just like Spiders Web.
d. String Doktor-  Using his reishi, he creates strings to work with and use in a medical manner, making him into an excellent medic. These threads can be used to sew open wounds and even to completely reattach severed limbs in a short time.

Other tools: Erik carries a solid steel briefcase with money, medical tools, and various equipment's.

Strengths: Eriks strings can be nearly unbreakable when used correctly, knots and mass ties nearly impossible to undo, and his flexibility, speed, and strength are augmented by them. Capable of nearly flight like acrobatics, and of lifting hundreds of tons with his powers, his strength and speed is nothing to gawk at. He is frighteningly clever and cautious, capable of determining a persons wants and needs, and exploiting them.
Weaknesses: Though he can perform great feats, many of his skills carry no reiatsu power, meaning he can have difficulty piercing armors or natural defenses. In addition, his bow work is lacking, leaving him an abnormal quincy. Over all, he is genuinely weaker than a basic hollow, having to use his powers in clever ways to escape such situations. 

Arstotzka Requisition Offices and Spiritual Emporium;
the Spiritual Possessions, Equipment Catering, and Tool Re-Service Emporium 

Eriks store is run mostly by spiritually aware humans, and gigai with Konpaku, his staff loyal to a fault and the konpaku bodies loyal to the death. Konpaku souls are illegally modified substitute souls, and the gigai are modified, so some of his staff are capable of going hand to hand with basic-level hollow and act as security against grunts.

The store has a wide variety of services, and prices sometimes vary. Erik buys bounties from soul reapers who kill famous hollows, giving them cash for their efforts and taking a small tax to pay for the services and the transportation of goods. Erik also buys used wares, new wares, and different pieces from anyone willing to sell. One of his largest dealers is 12th division, who supply new technologies for easy access by soul reapers in the human world. After their emergence, bounties have spread to illegally operating fullbringers, vizards, quincy, and bounts. Despite this, he sells to many of these races.

Rumors run rampant that he also deals in Black Bounties, illegal bounties paid to individuals who kill captains or other high class law abiding citizens of all races. This, as well as rumors of his assisting the arrancar and hollows in general, make his reputation somewhat shady, despite there being no evidence.
Name: Chess Paranoia

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Appearance: Standing at an even six feet tall, Chess dresses in black, a mourning for his family. He is nearly hairless, most his follicles and skin destroyed in various fights and assaults with only thin frayed black hairs left and hanging low below his hat, and wears sunglasses over his eyes almost always. He has off colored skin, worn and discolored from biological attacks, and a muscular and lean body.
He has scars on his body from stab and hollow assaults, significantly a scar on his hand from a blade passing though his palm, and a fleshy star shaped mark near his heart from a quincy arrow entry.
In colder areas he wears a heavy black scarf, which is otherwise tied around his waist as a sash. Chess is missing five teeth, been destroyed by perpetual attacks throughout his life. He has replaced them with fakes, but the break easier than they should.
His glasses hide ruined eyes, and while he is still able to see, his eyes are glazed and glassy from a direct kido based attack.

Personality: Chess has a deep hatred for reapers and their "gods", exterminating them when possible. A "Neutral Good", Chess decides for himself what is right and what is wrong, often not following even his own rules, as he uses dirty tactics in battle to slay those he condemns.
An extremely patient man for everything but reapers, he is extremely tolerant of everything he doesn't see as evil, but his definition is far too warped by his own upbringing. Taking his time, he'll happily train or teach people in his ways.
Revering hollows as gods, he is quick to serve them.

History:  Born and raised in a human city, Chess lost his parents at an early age, and was adopted by a small independent church. He was instilled from an early age with a deep hatred of wicked "demons" and their worshipers and cultists, being told stories of their evils and sin. These tales were in fact tales of reapers, who would collect the souls of the ghosts, while his church was in fact a hollow worshiping cult. With a mirror, the leader was able to reveal to the regular person the image of a plus reflected inside of it, a spiritual power he had learned, allowing him to show people their dead loved ones.
In his cult, Chess grew in influence at the age of seventeen, gathering larger members, his spiritual awareness allowing him to find plus ghosts and drive them into hollowdom, using them and abusing them as he led his small fraction of the flock. When the leader became a hollow himself, Chess began to perform the sacrifices, assisting in the dark rituals that took place before the mirror the cult looked to to witness the souls of the dead, their hollow allies keeping back any reapers or humans from interfering in their disturbing paradise of blood and gore.
Branching out, the cult drew too much attention when it began to kidnap more sacrifices, Reapers finally intervening and killing the hollows responsible. With no protection, humans invaded, arresting the members while Chess gathered the resources and fled. Hunted down, his power manifested when he was apprehended, his powers tearing out the souls of the humans arresting him, absorbing them and allowing him to continue his new activity.

Extra: He smokes regularly, using a black quartz pipe and a herb from his homeland to induce a trans like state. He knows many smoke tricks, and enjoys showing off.
A skilled cook, he enjoys preparing ingredients for guests, and finds rare pieces to make into delicious meals. 


Fullbring Name: The Man in the Mirror

Fullbringer Abilities: Chess has trained extensively with his abilities. The base of all fullbring powers is to pull or bring out the soul of things and people, for Chess this involves manipulating objects around him, allowing him to walk on anything, to increase the power of his strikes and his speed by moving himself and those he assaults, or to manipulate the environment as if with telekinesis. This power is maximized in a spiritual plane. His power is comparable to Blut in how much it enhances, his speed similar to flash step or sonido. With his speed, he is able to swap places with his clones rather easily, an effect he calls Doppel. His power to tug upon souls is nothing to take lightly; he is a FullBringer who has trained excessively for many years, and who kills and assaults anyone after him, taking their power for himself.

Fullbring Focus Object: A portrait size mirror, elaborate and ornate, from the 18th century. Gold framed, with flowering border design, the mirror is square seemingly plain. The back holds no bolts, screws, or wires. He usually carries it in a bundle on his back that makes it look similar to a portrait.

Fullbring Powers: 

Chess draws out a plethora of abilities based on his mirrors reflective properties and soul. To begin, the mirror is able to redirect attacks by bringing out its soul and Reflecting things, sending back to their sender any assault, reversing its vector of travel as if it was chess firing it. Chess feels little exertion from this technique, easily rebounding attacks like light bouncing off a mirror, though larger assaults take more concentration and effort to rebound.

Similarly, melee attacks inflicted to the him are instead rebounded to the assailant, a mirror image of their own attack flying out at them, or even mimicking their assault.

Chess is able to make duplicates of himself, the clones appearing in blinks and acting on their own, using his Fullbringer Abilities themselves and shattering like glass upon their destruction. A clone carries his own physical capabilities and tactics, but his fullbringer abilities are cut in his clones, with each clone borrowing power from the group. In other words, one clone on its own is almost as powerful at Fullbringing as Chess, but ten at once are only 1/10th as strong as the original, and so on. He can water down their power to make more as needed, but 1/30th of his power is not noticeable, making his limit 30. 

Chess can use his mirror to gather and reflect massive beams of light, which reflect off of their targets. Different from kido or cero, it is instead similar to a massive laser, cutting and blasting though those it hits. 

Chess does not eat human souls, as he is not a hollow, but souls can be stored inside of his mirror like a prison by being drawn into it, a powerful vacuum effect trapping them in a bleak otherworld. He can enter and exit at will himself, allowing him to hide inside of the mirror and exit at his own will.


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