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Virtual Dream Photograph by Mr-Cryuga Virtual Dream Photograph :iconmr-cryuga:Mr-Cryuga 2 1
Name: Mores Jenos
Alias: Bishop
Gender: Dude
Species: Vampire
Age: 27
Bloodline: Elemental
Rank/Occupation: Butler
Bishop does not dress in modern clothes, born in a non-modernized land and raised without electricity did not prepare him for the modern world. As such he usually wears suits or leather coats from bygone eras.
His skin is fair and his face is relatively handsome, though the color has been drained from his flesh and his longer hair, leaving looking somewhat girlish due to his inability to grow a beard.
Affinities: Darkness, Fire
Adept –
Affinity one;
Gift one; Shadow Puppet (Adept level)
Bishops shadow can leap off of his body, moving along walls and interacting with the shadows of objects in order to manipulate them as if they were being touched. His shadow usually takes on a monstrous form, gaining claws and teeth, and can exist on any surface that there is light and shadow. It can leave his body and go on indefinitely, act
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Doctor Quack
Name: Nurse Victor Riviera
Alias: Doctor Quack
Gender: Boy
Species: Human
Age: 24
Appearance: Riviera most often takes the form of a small unassuming boy, with long red hair and fair skin. Looking to be quite young, this is his natural appearance, his hair straight and usually tied up and his face dotted in freckles. Dressed in white, he is very plainly a medical mage, though he uses non healing magic and prefers actual surgery and medication over instant magical remedies.
He wears earrings of red blood drops in both ears, lined with silver borders.
Often his appearance is distorted by his own deranged experiments. It is not uncommon to see him sporting new eyes, extra limbs, or a serpentine tongue.
Class: Mage
Abilities: A master surgeon, with his magic and his skill Victor can take a person apart piece by piece without harming them. He has swapped brains, removed entire skeletons, broken a person into 1000 pieces and then reassembled them inside out, and never once has he failed (unl
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The Pilot and the Hunter
Name:  Ulric Atok
Nickname/Alias: Hopper
Race/Species: Talortai
Current Age: 163
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 6 inches
Weight: 180 lbs without prosthetics, 232 lbs with
Appearance: Hoppers species of Talortai are bipedal human shaped beings. He carries features of both mammalian,  avian, and reptilian species, with rough earthy gray scaled skin, and coarse brown on his face, arms, shoulders, and hands. His face is similar to that of a bird, with a sharply pointed downward gray beak on the front of his face, and small keen black eyes. His beak is quite large, but is shape similarly to a nose in that his mouth is not connected to it, instead with a mammal like jawbone and line of teeth.
Hopper does not have legs, instead possessing cybernetic replacements connected to his nervous system and skeletal system at the hips. The legs are chrome plated, designed to be lightweight and quick, making them thinner than his species usual elephant lik
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Infinite Dimensions: Swamp-Demons by Mr-Cryuga Infinite Dimensions: Swamp-Demons :iconmr-cryuga:Mr-Cryuga 1 5
HxH 47'Licence Acquired: Know
HxH 47
"Licence Acquired: Knowing that I'm just getting by"
As the plane landed, the walkway lowering, everyone was expecting to see a familiar face pop out. So when a little person with a head as bald and round as a bean popped out. "Hello everyone!" He said, happily waving as the five standing below gawked up.
"What's with the midget-" Dude was shoved aside by Jahn, walking to the front of the group.
"I failed." He said bluntly, holding his hand up to show the cuff. "Can I get a ride back?"
Popping up next to the bean looking man was Grec, by himself now as he looked down. "It's fine Beans, you can let him go."
With a nod, Beans pressed a button on a remote, Jahns cuff falling to the ground. "Yes, you can come with us back to the city, but you failed. This marks our four qualifying hunters!"
Everyone turned to the forest, to find a new figure shambling out. Dressed in gold and patterned jewels, everyone instantly recognized Sir Mario. "Five! Five winners! I will not walk away f
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Paradox 3: Tangled Fates: Erist and Fain
Paradox Tournament
The Story of Eidolon
Chapter Two:  Tangled Fates
Intro: Birth of the Second Son.
The underground caves had opened up as the rotten zombie descended down the massive staircase. The walls became smoother, more defined. The ceiling became higher, the stalagmites and stalactites all fading away as the walls all became more and more solid. As he descended, the coffin Fain dragged behind him thumped with each step, a bang echoing through the cavernous staircase as he began to feel like he was descending into hell itself.
Finally at the bottom, he looked around to scope his surroundings. Blue mushrooms gave off a faint glow, allowing him to extinguish his torch inside a pond of water. Washing the dirt of his crusty bone like hands, he looked at his reflection in the pool. His thin black hair was interweaved with the blood of his friend, and mud from the explosion of the graveyard a mile above him, his thin face appearing as a ghastly visage of death inside the wat
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HxD 44
Third Key: I don't think I know you, and I don't think I want to
Two keys have been found by Brittni, who gave them to Adria and Dude. She and Sir Mario are still carrying their own cuffs, but are no longer linked to anyone. All four are looking for keys for their own reasons.
Jahn has lost his cuff when his arm was torn off, and is recovering. Jay Bug has a cuff linked to one he is carrying, and is hunting for a key.
Lucas and Gareth are the only two still in the position they were in at the start, and are now in life and death battle
It was all Lucas could do to keep the distance between him and the sword wielding manic, Gareth chopping down trees in his wake as he hunted down the young man, no longer focused on team work.
Brit, Adria, and Dude had gone their separate ways, with none of them having any idea where Lucas or the other two keys were.
Jay had gone his own way, looking for a key and amused he had stirred up some chaos, still forced to tote around that link. He was g
:iconmr-cryuga:Mr-Cryuga 1 8
HxD 41

Brit and Dude
Adira and Mario
Luke and Gareth
Jay and Jahn
Jahn breathed heavy, hiding behind a palm tree as the shadowy Jay slitered around tree to tree. "Dammit, we're supposed to be working together!" He yelled, a gloved hand reaching around the tree and grabbing Jahns neck. "That's not my style." Was all Jahn heard, as long white rope like tendrils began to crawl around his arm.
"I unlocked it, obviously." George displayed his freed wrist, smiling up at his friend. "Me and Brit found a key right away, meaning there's only three left." He looked at Sir Mario, who seemed to be pouting. George smirked at him as if to say, What, you didn't get one yet? He grit his teeth in frustration.
"Well that's good, if we can manage to get all four for ourselves-" Adria started to say, before Sir Mario put his hand on her head. "Us four, I assume?" He asked, apparently annoyed, "But let's worry about you and me, hmm?"
Brittni turned away, shruggi
:iconmr-cryuga:Mr-Cryuga 1 3
HxD- 38
Three days of waiting had whittled down to just one night away from the finals, and all of the finalists who trained and readied themselves aboard the airship had but one thing on their mind; Where were we being taken?
In the dining hall of the ship, the massive sc reen displayed their names and faces.
1. Adria Omitted;A young frizzy haired woman, wearing glasses and giving a happy grin.
2. Lucas Omitted; A youth with short brown hair, giving a confident smile.
3. Brittni Omitted; A blonde haired one armed girl, giving an awkward "I really wish I weren't here right now" smile.
4. Jahn Young; A dusty man carrying a broom and presenting a warm friendly smile.
5. Gareth Fin; A gangly haired youth giving a dead eyed stare.
6. Jay Bug; A man dressed in black from head to toe, hiding his face behind a hood and black mask.
7. Sir Mario Midas Roman Holly Lasombra IIII; A man with long blonde hair and bronze skin dressed in what seemed to be bejeweled golden armor, smiling a pea
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Paradox 3: Daws and Fain in the Catacombs
Paradox Tournament
The Story of Eidolon
Chapter One; Of Man and Beast

Prologue: Origin Of Eidolon.
Long ago, before the ages of governments and democracy, kings ruled the world. Dividing the great nations of the planet were fast uninhabitable lands of water, sand, molten rock, and all manner of natural walls. Two of these countries, ruled by two belligerent and arrogant kings, were separated by a mountain range. Year after year, their armies met and clashed in the middle of this mountain range, around the hills of Battle Mountain.
It was a half a century before both kings died, both nations conquered by the man who would go on to rule half the world. But the death and destruction, the hundreds of bodies littered around the central mountain of the range never faded. Some came to bury the dead, others came to witness the fabled landscape themselves, but no one and nothing could live there anymore.
Blight Mountain, as it became known as, would remain an empty place for years
:iconmr-cryuga:Mr-Cryuga 1 8
HxD- 35
How do you think I keep this lovely grin?
"What's thirty five times four?" George asked, looking at the dregs in his team. One of them wrote it down, slowly calculating until the conclusion of 140. "That's still a ton... I thought we'd be down to at least the last hundred by now..." He looked to Gifu, smiling as he ate the prepared dishes. "Well.... let's try and cook this corn then."
With the group of four separated into randomly assigned teams, each works hard to prepare their own dishes, Gifu enjoying each as it came to him. The "Must use ingredient" was a special kind of corn that their examiner preferred apparently, something overly expensive really. But in the end all four were able to once again, prepare something the examiner thought tasted well enough. Corn salad, corn on the cob, corn mash, the remaining 34 teams passed fine, only one losing in this round (after three of its members died mysteriously). The hunters exam never let up, everyone here was
:iconmr-cryuga:Mr-Cryuga 1 5
HxH 32
HxH 32
A Deadly Exam
Each of the four had been handed a badge, just like the other contestants.
Based on the order they had entered the arena, George was given 555, Lucas 556, Adria 557, and Brittni 558. As they stood in attention with the other 600 canidates, their instructor began. "You've all come far, but to narrow things down I'm afraid we'll have to start a little harsh!" He smiled, a projector displaying a map of the city, one building marked. "You have sixty minutes to come to the top of the tallest tower in this city, Thunder tower! And you must arrive with TWO badges, it doesn't matter whose. In sixty minutes, the door to the top of the tower will close, and since it's a forty minute run... you'd best be quick." He smiled, waving and beginning to run in the direction of the tower.
"What's the plan?" Adria turned to her friends, Lucas smacking Georges hands as he reached to steal his pin.
"Everyone for themselves?" He suggested, smirking and taking his pin off of his sh
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HxH 29
The Great Divide
"For the sake of sanity, let us do a recap." The four were at a coffee shop, a small corner café, upon the insistence of George. Sitting at the table, some drinking coffee, others tea, others simple water, they spoke amongst themselves. The plaza of the town Mentir was still fairly empty, most everyone here seeming to be looking for something.
"Our cruise sank into the ocean." Adria began.
"We woke up on a strange beach." Brittni continued.
"We met a man who told us our best chance of getting home was to become hunters to easily find a way." Luke spoke without looking up from his drink.
"We met Chelsea, the two trained us, and here we are in the middle of a city, with nothing but a good luck from our shit teachers." He finished his coffee, making a bitter face as he did.
"If you don't like coffee, don't drink it." Adria had some more water, but he seemed to ignore her.
"We're wasting time." Brittni fidgeted in her chair, anxiously. "We could be out there lo
:iconmr-cryuga:Mr-Cryuga 1 3
HxD 25
They Know Me Here
"Let's not." He sat there, disinterested and half listening to his music, mainly focused on his knife. "I don't really want to share, everyone already knows what I think about them, right?"
His three friends exchanged awkward glances at one another. He was vocal enough that they had the idea.
"Oh?" Trent feld his arms. "And what do you think of yourself?"
"I think I'm awesome." He began to carefully twirl the knife. "Ok, Adrias turn."
"George." He wasn't sure which of the girls had said it, but when he looked up and both were staring at him, he realized it could have been either one.
"Look, I'm a guy, okay? Me no good express myself. I can't just give every little detail about what I think about everyone here, I would just piss you all off. I think you're all wonderful, and I think I have problems expressing myself, okay?"
There was a long silence, and a sigh before Trent nodded. "That'll do, I guess."
:iconmr-cryuga:Mr-Cryuga 1 7
HxD 22
Dead in the Water (Which ironically is also the status of this story line. Zing.)
"Display your treasures!" Chelsea said, George looking rather pale as his blood loss went unhampered.
"I found a knife." George flipped up what looked to be a hunting knife, complete with a seraded reverse side and a sharp bladed edge. One side to cut, one side to hack. "It must have been under water for years, but I didn't see any rust. Figured it was worth keeping."
Chelsea smiled, "That's because it's a Bens Knife. An early model, designed to last forever. No rust, no need to sharpen, no knicks, ever."
"Who's Ben?" Adria tilted her head, looking at it.
"A serial murderer who made incredible knives, then killed people with them." Chelsea smiled, Adria shuddered, George tucked the knife away.
"I'll be keeping this, then. So then, think you can beat a famous knife?" He smiled towards his friend.
"Well I found this gold thing?" Adria held up a gold plate, decorated with strange very small wording. A
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