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Name: Farmer Prospero
Age: 665 (appears to be in his late sixties)
Sex: Male
Race: Shinigami
Height: 5 feet 9 inches standing
Weight: 160 lbs

Type: Ability

Ability: Immense
Speed: Average
Intelligence: Great
Strength: Basic 



Personality: Strictly old fashioned and chivalrous, Farmer adheres to his own rules and laws. He is 'too old to change' and has a very low opinion of most modern technology, he hates 12th division for this reason and especially detests when Soul Reapers bring human tools in.
He also has old fashioned views of women, tending to prefer to meet their needs rather then have them fight battles on behalf of men. He thinks that its a mans duty to protect woman and children, and that the worst kind of person is a man who would abandon them.
Farmer is extremely dedicated to his work, training to maintain and improve his power daily to ensure no one over takes him. His magic is vast, and he is very secretive about it. So much so he keeps many of his private books locked away from the eyes of the world.
Farmer trusts only other shinigami, and does not enjoy fighting. If he leaves, it is to pick up ingredients, books, or to reminisce of better days.
As of late, Farmer has become even more secretive and paranoid, staying inside more and performing strange rites within his corps. While he still comes out now and again to check in on things, he acts rather oddly at all times.

Appearance: Farmers body is not as well built as many masters of the soul society are, he lacks muscle mass and his body is fairly pale. He has a fine enough looking body, with a handsome face framed by short gray hair and thick mutton chop sideburns. His eyes are a deep blue-purple, matching the coat he wears. He had runic tattoos all over his body in the form of countless hundreds letters numbers and symbols, even on his face there are many. His right brow is missing, a tattoo of the symbol for infinity in its place. On his left cheek is a pentacle in a ruinic circle, many words spiraling from it around his eye and down his neck.
He wears his gi, 5th division Haori, and a purple stole with the kido corps symbol at the bottom in black.
Likes: Studying, privacy, good food, reminiscing, playing with his model train set and making models of the members of the court guard (he has a model version of the Seireitei in his barracks with a train).
Dislikes: Loud kids, modern technology, unlady-like women.

History: Farmer was born in the human world. A member of a secret society in Europe, he was inducted into the world of spiritualism and faith and an early age. He was taught many lessons about the world, nature, life, energies, and some of the worlds private books of magic that many considered heresy. At the age of twenty, he was killed by another member of the clan who was attempting to perform a dark rite of human sacrifice.
He clung to earth, tied to his books and his studies, until a soul reaper found and freed him, sending him to the soul society and opening his eyes to a brand new world.
It wasn't long before his spiritual pressure was revealed, resulting in him going to the academy. When he awakened his shikai, he found it gave a boost to his abilities to conduct kido, but had no edge for exorcising hollows with kenjutsu. A fact he was perfectly fine with. He focused on his kido, training his mind rather then his body as he practiced around the clock to master the highest levels.
When he was inducted into the kido corps, he rose to vice chief quickly. He was known as a prodigy, and read every book they had, mastered every kido, practiced every ritual, until he was masterful at them all.

With the disbanding of the kido corps, and his refusal to become a petty officer, Farmer began to fight tooth and nail to rebuke the disbanding. When that failed, and he was stripped of his status, he quit on the spot. When officers came to take him to trial for betraying the soul society, according to the court, he destroyed them on the spot. Slaughtering his fellow corps members that betrayed him when they turned against him, he fled to the human world to continue his work, now searching to raise his powers even higher and rebuild his own group in the human world.

Strengths: A master of kido to the greatest degree, there are few who are able to match him toe to toe.
Weaknesses: His old body is so degraded and untrained he cannot fight with his zanpacuto or with his fists anymore, leaving him utterly reliant on kido

Allies: Court Guard, Kido Corps
Enemies: Enemies of the soul society

Reiatsu Level: Immense
Reiatsu Description/effect: Massive expansive light indigo aura that seems to bring about a Mellow and calming feeling (as apposed to intimidating a person or blowing them away).

Captain, 444 in points
Shinigami Skill Grades: Zanjutsu (D), Hohou (B), Kidou (A), Hakuda (F).

Rank: Captain
Division: 5th

Master Kido Specialist (knows many kido and their full incantations and rules, is able to perform kido at half power without incantions or duel cast kido or raise a kidos strength via post casting incantation, knows many SS rituals and laws including senkaimon control and the release of seals, knows how to use healing kido and how to use the hell butterflies)
Genius Level Intellect (able to memorize anything with ease, and recall it at anytime, able to quickly understand things and analyze)

Shikai Appearance: A very small daggar in a black sheath without a guard, it is small enough and simple enough to pass as nothing but a small metal wand.
Release Command: Rend the Soul (he can release it without the command)
Name: Shinseina Shakujo(Holy Staff)
Element: Melee/Kido
Shikai Appearance: A long iron rod, rapped in brown leather to grip. It has an ornate decorated top with many rings bangling from it.…
Shikai Ability: Amplifies the holders ability to cast their reiatsu. Using the staff is able to compensate for skipping the incantations of kido.

List of Kido Techniques, Incantations, and effects;


Blast Spell #1: Thrust
Incantation: "The jade sceptre brings judgement. Step back from the golden palace!"
Effect: The user points a finger at the target. This spell creates an invisible force which is used to knock the target backwards. The distance the target is knocked back is reflective of the power used.

Blast Spell #2: Invisible Hand
Incantation: "Upturned teapot. Crashing leaves. Scalding tides. The ceremony is disrupted!" Effect: The caster makes a flicking motion towards the target to fire a small blue fist-sized pellet of energy.

Blast Spell  #3: Rend the Mortal Frame
Incantation: "Shadow of fear. Strum of hell. Scream."
Effect: Sends a tearing force though the body of a victim the castor is touching, activating all pain receptors in their body to cause horrid pain. It is broken when contact is broken. This spell is used to torture weak targets.

Blast Spell #4: White Lightning
Incantation: "Second moon, ye who watches the stars from above. Eternal, unchanging. Grant us thine anger and deliver thy rage!"
Effect: Focusing a concentrated amount of spiritual power at the index finger, then releases this energy in a thin, white beam that easily strikes through most targets.

Blast Spell #5: Flowing sword
Incantation: "Wrathful desire. Judicious spirit. Temper the will into a gleaming blade!"
Effect: Holding their hands before them, the caster transformed their reiastu into a double-sided sword. Note that this blade cannot be "released" or substitute for a real zanpakutō. It provides no abilities etc.

Blast Spell #6: Burning Touch
Incantation: "The darkness of the shadow is nothing against the brightness of the sun. The coolness of the dusk is nothing against the blaze of the fire."
Effect: This spell must be targeted at a nonliving object that is not currently in direct contact with a living being. For the next three post cycles, whenever a living being touches the nonliving object, it will cause minor burns, as if it were red-hot.

Blast Spell #8: Shattered Shard
Incantation: "The storm approaches. Freeze with the wind and bring fall with the rain."
Effect: By focusing spiritual power around the tips of the fingers and thumb of one hand, the caster creates five needles of ice which are then fired at the opponent. These needles are up three inches long and pierce into the target freezing the surrounding flesh causing something similar to frostbite over the top layer over flesh. Painful, but ultimately, unless used multiple times, this is only going to destroy small hollows and maybe slow down medium-sized beasts.

Blast Spell #10: Wings Of Icarus
Incantation: "Envy the birds and mock their visage, soar to the sky and dodge the light of truth lest you drown in sorrow."
Effect: A pair of wings is formed from reiatsu out of the users back. The wings fade after five post cycles, but a user is able to fire them off before they fade (which is why they are a hado), the feathers becoming like knives and flying out at high speed in one or two directions (depending on how the wings are aimed).

Blast Spell #11: Bound Lightning
Incantation: "Second moon, ye who watches the stars from above. Vulgar, ever-aging. Pass through this material realm and deliver thy rage!"
Effect: Rather than sending out blasts of energy, this spell channels it into objects. The electrical shock and damage is passed along the object to all others that touch it. The lightning cannot harm the caster themselves, but the effects only last as long as the caster maintains the spell.

Blast Spell #12: Ambush Flare
Incantation: "Forgotten embers of the traveller's fire, rise again! Reborn and vigilant, strike when the foot draws near!"
Effect: Allows the user to draw a line of fire upon any surface, including the air. These flames stay low and small until a body touches the line, causing it to burst into large flames. The length is equal to the users reiatsu/kido skill. The spell can be doublecast, replacing the fire with another Blast Spell.

Blast Spell #11: Acid Wire
Incantation: "Shoot your arrow to foe, and be the prince. Bound to the throne, tied to the crown, drown in all others."
Effect: Sprays a jet of light green fluid from a hand finger mouth or other kido focal point on the caster. It is highly acidic, and things sprayed with it begin to melt and burn (or rust if iron) in an extreme way. Water will wash it off.

Blast Spell #14: Rotten Fruit
Incantation: "Choke and wither within the darkness, there is no life within the confines of the iron chest! The lord laughs, the tiller weaps, the equine dies!"
Effect: Creates a bubble of dark magic around the user that kills and rots plant matter inside, originally made to protect from poison spores, and attack plant based enemies.

Blast Spell #19: Drop Star's Tail
Incantation: "The star falls from the sky. The Tengu sharpens his fingernails. Slicing the mountain!"
Effect: The user concentrates reiatsu at the tips of the fingers creating small thin blades of reiatsu, several inches long. These blades can cut and cauterize at the same time. Originally developed by the Fourth Division for field surgery it is now used to deal with targets in close-quarters combat.

Blast Spell #21: Adamantine Blast
Incantation: "Iron claws. Fearful visage. Rage born in the burning hearts of the impure, thrust!"
Effect: Creates a large orb of burning energy that is hurled at the opponent. Upon impact, the orb explodes into a cascade of flames that deal burning damage to anything caught beneath it.

Blast Spell #23: Yawn of the Pharaoh
Incantation: "Split the desert, and reveal the will of its master. God of the sands, speak forth and deliver your divine wrath."
Effect: The user must draw a circular pattern in the air with something to cast this kido, causing a ring of yellow light to form. When cast, a tornado of dust and sand is fired out. Mainly used to blind and disorient people, it can also be used to push them back or for special situations (like nullifying glue).

Blast Spell #26: Arms of the Abyss
Incantation: "Rend the shadow and bend it with your bare hands, break the bones, shred the flesh, splinter the nails and burn the fur! Darkness consumes; we lie quiet in its wake!"
Effect: The users arms become wrapped in shadow from the elbow down, and the shadow can be manipulated to grow expand stretch and strike. This allows the user long range strikes and claw like slashes.

Blast Spell #31: Red Fire Shot
Incantation: "Ye Lord, mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of man! Inferno and pandemonium. The sea barrier surges, march on to the south!"
Effect: Fires a moderately-sized orb of crimson energy from both hands, in the direction which both palms are facing, exploding upon impact.

Blast Spell #32: Yellow Fire Flash
Incantation: "Ye Lord, mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of man! Desire and ignorance. The tide sweeps lengthways, look towards the east!"
Effect: Fires a wide arc of yellow energy at the target, which explodes on impact.

Blast Spell #33: Blue Fire Crash
Incantation: "Ye Lord, mask of flesh and bone, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of man! Truth and temperance. Upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws!"
Effect: Fires a bright beam of blue energy at the target, the beam continues to buffet the victim for a few seconds after impact.

Blast Spell #35: Adamantine Dance
Incantation: "Iron scythe. Terrible visage. Rage born in the burning hearts of all men, scatter!."
Effect: The user moves their hand clockwise in front of their body, leaving nine fiery orbs floating in the air. By thrusting their hand into the middle of these orbs are sent towards their targets. Besides damaging the target, the orbs can cause minor burns.

Blast Spell #36: Voice of God
Incantation: "The lord of all creation whispers to his attendant. Might and jade. Sorrow and light. Pierce the veil as the secret escapes!"
Effect: The users summons up magic into their lungs and unleashes a loud high pitched scream. The more magic introduced, the higher the frequency of the attack. This attack will bring a target to their knees, bleeding from the target's ears, and even cause dizziness and disorientation briefly.

Blast Spell #38: Tilling Ox
Incantation: "Forty-two, fifteen. Sixty-three, twenty-six. The fields give up their riches and the heavens pour down wealth. My left hand brings forth strength and my right hand tears down weakness!"
Effect: The caster claps their hands three times. On the third clap, their hands become surrounded in two spheres of energy, connected by a flexible chain; the ends of the chain float freely in the energy orbs. The orbs and chain are launched by making a two-handed forward punching motion. If aimed correctly, the chain will strike and wrap around the neck or a limb, and the energy orbs will swing until the neck or limb is completely wrapped, upon which the energy orbs detonate. Otherwise the kidō detonates on contact.

Blast Spell #41: Frozen Touch
Incantation: "Frozen upon the highest peaks, gaze upon the vast horizon. Grip of the cold, the coming of the winter ensues."
Effect: This spell requires a substantial amount of reiatsu to use. After saying the chant, the user's hand and forearm are covered in a thick layer of ice. Pointing the palm at the target, the user's icy arm rapidly extends towards the target, wraps around the target, and clenches around to trap them in ice. The main drawback with spell is this is the sheer amount of power required. Once launched, the hand will not be able to change direction leaving the user open for a counterattack.

Blast Spell #42: Damnation Horn
Incantation: "Dance in flames, ye who celebrate blood and terror. Fangs of the beast, lash out and find your prey."
Effect: Forms a half meter long black crystalline horn shaped spike in front of the caster, a blast of reiatsu firing it like a high speed missile. It can impale, but is actually very fragile (hierro will shatter it). Its main purpose is that when it explodes, it releases a toxic smog that causes inflamed lungs, and minor internal poisoning and injuries. The major weakness of this kido is it can be destroyed before it is fired if the attack is fast enough, causing an automatic backfire on the user.

Blast Spell #48: Verse of Completeness
Incantation: "The cord rejoices in being bound. Five skies. The knot rejoices in being loosed. Four realms. The prisoner rejoices in being chained. Three seas. The cloth rejoices in being torn. Two peaks. The pot rejoices in being broken. One strike."
Effect: A cubical area, just large enough to completely envelop the target, turns completely black for a moment; as the darkness dissipates, the target is blinded and struck by spears of light simultaneously piercing inwards from all sides, with anywhere from one 10. Casters with high magic skill may instead choose to only envelop part of a target instead of the whole target, to concentrate the damage dealt.

Blast Spell #49: Fourth Pillar
Incantation: "Wealthy earth. Gleaming sky. Wind swept cloud. Held evil and driven to doom. Cast not away the eye, ye who bear the name of man."
Effect: Gathering reiatsu into their palms and saying the chant, then slamming them into the ground, the caster sends out a row of spikes, each a meter at their base, for several meters in seven directions in front of the user. This spell requires only a minor amount of reiatsu. This spell can be done with a stamp of a foot rather than by palm slamming the ground, by casters with high kido skill.

Blast Spell #51: Warrior Moon
Incantation: "Heart of the Samurai, follow the Emperor beneath the waving banners. Blood on the sword, form a testament against all foes."
Effect: The user creates a metallic orb in front of their palm and fires it forward. After traveling for about 10 meters, the orb bursts into a thousand swords, which skewer everything in their path. The drawback of this technique is that if the target can get behind the ball before it explodes, the target is safe.

Blast Spell #54: Abolishing Flame
Incantation: "Stepping down, the great fire-breathers of the crimson cliff. Of amber fragment, stone fortress and golden crown. They lend their bellows to the great cry of the inferno!"
Effect: Generates a blast able to completely burn and incinerate a target of a lower reiatsu. This spell is thoroughly effective on severed limbs and small nonliving targets. It can be used in a ceremonial manner to cremate those who have fallen.

Blast Spell #57: Ocean Rage Smash
Incantation: "Blue waters of the world besiege the shore and cleanse the souls of those tainted by evil. Wash away the darkness to release their prisons."
Effect: Putting their hand out in front of their body, the user channels the reiatsu into the air condensing water vapor and drawing into an orb in front of their palm. The orb then fires three spiraling streams of water at high velocity. The draw back is the time necessary to liquefy the water in the air, if there is any. This spell can enhance water or ice based zanpakutō skills or kidō spells.

Blast Spell #58: Orchid Sky
Incantation: "White and crimson petals. Flesh rending and breeze beating, the claws and the wings conjoin. Blow from the south and the west!"
Effect: The user draws and levitates their zanpakutō(or a similar tool) before them, and then spins it in a complete circle. A spiralling tornado is fired that gets gradually bigger. The tornado has buffeting winds and a force to it that can disorientate and severely damage.

Blast Spell #60: Gnawing Fishbone
Incantation: "Rebound upon your killer, harpoon of the ancient whale, showing no mercy to the one who bleeds! Feast upon the deep red wounds, knife of the fresh-born crab, bearing no goodwill to the one who dies!"
Effect: Materialises a small ball in the hand of the caster. Upon impact, the ball crumbles into thousands of minuscule crabs that crawl all over the struck object, destroying all non-living material they encounter. The amount of material they can eat is relative to the power of the caster.

Blast Spell #63: Thunder Roar Cannon
Incantation: "Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!"
Effect: A bolt of yellow lightning is focused into the users palm, then it is released in a powerful wave that crackles with the power of lightning and sends a spire of energy into the heavens.

Blast Spell #64: Hunter
Incantation: "Flapping wings ride the clouds. The golden cudgel shines between the fingers of the one who knows ten thousand things. Pursuing, untiring, all-seeing."
Effect: The caster holds their palms apart, facing each other. A creature between six feet in height, and the size of a bird or even less is created out of magic, and obeys the orders of the master. This is used as bait for targets, it will get as close as possible to the target and then explode powerfully when ordered to attack. The creature moves as quickly as a typical specimen of its species. It can also be made into an animal with the ability to track to follow someone, or into a large bird to fly on, or a dummy-person to use as a temporary servant.

Blast Spell #65: Granite Face Refusal
Incantation: "Mock not the guard of the rushing mountain! Laugh not, for the daughter of the whirling volcano arrives!"
Effect: Incoming projectiles are blocked by a piece of stone moving with equal force in the opposite direction. The stone dissipates on impact. Only works on one attack, and drains reiatsu from user according to the power in the attack blocked.

Blast Spell #66: Totem Candle
Incantation: "Crack, shatter. Thirty-two faces watching from the forest depths. The fifth hand bursts in turn and the third wheel sings."
Effect: This magic creates a pillar about the size of a shipping container, white and smooth, over the target, and brings it crashing downward, with the intention of smashing the target. The top of the white pillar then catches fire, like a candle, and the pillar begins to melt. (The fire is small and doesn't leave the top). The pillar can be inscribed with words or images.

Blast Spell #67: Spectral Blast
Incantation: "Ye who bears the name of man, all hatred. The creator of all things bears his claws. Strike!"
Effect: When this magic is used, energy gets stored in either one of the user's arms. It is not visible in any way, but it does result in a very slight tingling sensation, serving as a constant reminder that it's there. This goes on until the caster points the charged arm toward their target and says "fire." When this happens a concentrated beam of intense white energy, the size of the user's fist, streaks out from the outstretched arm doing serious damage to everything in its path. This magic can be stored up to two times (one for each arm) but if it is not used within a certain period of time (four post cycles), the energy will disperse inside the user's arm(s), causing minor internal damage.

Blast Spell #68: Crimson Candle
Incantation: "Crack, shatter. Thirty-two faces watching from the forest depths. The fifth hand bursts in turn and the third wheel sings."
Effect: This kido creates a red wax candle from the spiritual reiatsu of the caster, small and handheld. It can be made to be long or short, but once lit will quickly begin to burn. Depending on how it was made, it will either last two to ten posts, and then the candle will snuff out and explode brilliantly. It is made to explode depending on how much power was put into it, incantation and users skill both accounted for. This kido is used by kids in the academy in a much weaker level in a drinking game involving shots of sake and passing the candle before it goes off.

Blast Spell #71: Double Gavel Red Fire Shot
Incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh. All creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of man! In the chambers of hell, cast down the double gavel. Upon the doomed impure, bring judgement!"
Effect: The user puts their hands together and draws in materialized fragments of red energy, then the user points their palms towards the target with one hand up and the other points pointing down. The spell then fires a red orb of concentrated energy.

Blast Spell #72: Dual Swords Yellow Fire Flash
Incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh. All creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of man! Along the yellow river's tide, clash the dual blades. Across the warring hills, watch for a champion!"
Effect: The user puts their hands together and draws in materialized motes of yellow energy, then the user throws their hand towards the target with one hand up and the other points pointing down. The spell then releases a yellow arc of concentrated energy.

Blast Spell #73: Twin Lotus Blue Fire Crash
Incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh. All creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe the twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens!"
Effect: The user puts their hands together and draws in materialized shards of blue energy, then the user points their palms towards the target with one hand up and the other points pointing down. The spell then unleashes a blue beam of concentrated energy.

Blast Spell #74: Long Fang
Incantation: "Ring out into the clear sky, trumpets of the old and new. Bring clarity and stillness ye harbingers of the end."
Effect: For this spell the user must have large amount of magic and great magic control. The user must concentrate an immense amount of magic at the tips of their index and fore fingers. This is focused to the size of a quarter before being fired at extremely high speed. With the speed, power and rotation of this small bullet of magic it can travel across vast distance quickly and punch through almost anything. This spell was created for assassination of targets at long range.

Blast Spell #75: Habanero Destabilization
Incantation: "Weep at its mention, cry for thy eyes; despair at the pain, pray for a safe ending. May your tears stay crimson."
Effect: The spell generates a vast cloud of dull, dark red gas. The resulting cloud makes the enemy itchy at first, only to have a much severe aftermath, including burns and blisters. Contact with the eye will result in potential blindness.

Blast Spell #76: Boiling Point
Incantation: "Break and melt the glaciers, let the oceans rise into the sky. Bring clarity and stillness ye harbingers of the end."
Effect: A stronger adaptation of Hado #6. Used on ice or water, it can be used to melt/evaporate it at a high speed. This kido was said to be used long ago to boil a lake into the sky to allow a group to escape across. If it is cast with no targeted body of liquid, the kido will automaticly backfire, and the users arms with both erupt with steam and burns, causing horrible wounds on both hands. Rank amateurs can be scarred for life by using this foolishly.

Blast Spell #81: Raging Light Fang
Incantation: "Wounded jade beast! Shattered bones! Torn flesh! Broken claws! Deliver a final cry and spit out thy teeth!"
Effect: Creates a wide circle of green energy which then splits into dozens of splinters. The following rain of concentrated reiatsu is incredibly difficult to avoid being damaged with, but they can be stopped with defensive techniques fairly easily

Blast Spell #86: Frozen Dragon Fang
Incantation: "Ye swirling heavens of the highest peaks, blanket the world in white. Let the claws of the fall upon all the sinful and shatter their wicked dreams. The wind crashes against the mountainous barrier, march upon the North."
Effect: By using a huge amount of spiritual energy you create a massive icicle that springs out from under the ground to spear the enemy, freezing the ground solid and anything that it touches.  Anything within the area of the strike (within 100 yards) can be frozen, including the caster if they are not careful.

Blast Spell #88: Flying Dragon Striking Heaven - Shaking Thunder Cannon
Incantation: "Dissolution of the foul beast's carcass! Penetrating spire housing the dire dragon, red gem covering its heart, steel band covering its mouth. The tornado tears away the stone, the calm awakens desire. The castle falls as the band shatters!"
Effect: Gathers together an immense flare of energy that, when released, cuts through the air in a jagged arc. Capable of cutting down skyscrapers at its weakest power, everything that it hits is crushed.

Blast Spell #90: Black Coffin
Incantation: Seeping crest of turbidity. Arrogant vessel of lunacy! Boil forth and deny! Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep! Crawling queen of iron! Eternally self-destructing doll of mud! Unite! Repulse! Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness!
Effect: Seals its target in a black spiritual coffin. The practitioner generates a purple-black spiritual energy that envelops the target with a powerful torrent of gravity that takes the form of a box of black energy, covered in several spear-like protrusions. The spears then pierce the box, lacerating the one inside from head to toe.

Blast Spell #91: Thousand-Hand Bright Heaven Culling Cannon
Incantation: "Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness. Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky. The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired."
Effect: Summons several spears of light that are all fired towards the same focal point where the intended target resides. The culminating explosion is exceedingly devastating.

Blast Spell #92: Conquering Glacier Storm
Incantation: "Steadfast for centuries, the clouds overhead strike with relentless fury. Shatter the surface, move with giant tremors, the great glacier roars at the thunder prince's command. Each step rouses the frozen mind, every breath awakens forgotten limbs. Cover the earth!"
Effect: Creates a violent torrent of ice, which flows around every obstacle in its path. Everything caught in the area of the spell is frozen solid if they do not die immediately from the immense pressure of reiatsu upon them. The ice takes hours to completely thaw.

Blast Spell #93: Locking Reversal Cuffs
Incantation: "The halls of judgement clamor for a new soul! Flesh, blood and bone. The mask upon the head and the wings upon the shoulders, bearing but the name of a man. Stand, offer your hands, and submit to the lord of all creation!"
Effect: Forming two rings of energy around the target's hands, the spell absorbs any magic used by the victim (even that which is unconsciously released) in order to fuel an explosion that engulfs the target and anything near them in a ten-foot radius. The stronger the target, the more destructive the explosion.

Blast Spell #95: Wrath of Dominus
Incantation: Lights, camera, action! Actors take your place, watch the skylight fall and obey the director! Cast in the name of god; Ye Guilty!
Effect: Summons a massive figure built of light and magic, large enough to rival even a menos in size. It obeys the telekinetic orders of the one who summoned it, and has the image of a massive muscled man with thick hair, a beard, and golden plate armor from the neck down.

Blast Spell #96: Single Blade Cremation
Incantation: "The vermilion bird soars and looks for the devout. Crimson feathers, the black jewel, tears scorched by the iron surface. Right arm. Left leg. The eyes and the stomach. Left arm. Right leg. The lungs and the tongue. Burn and be burned. The glory of victory and the eternity of the spinning wheel. Sear!"
Effect: This spell uses the body of the user to created a column of burning magic directly beneath the opponent which rises up instantly to engulf them with battering energies. The shape of the column looks not unlike a blade. The damage produced by this spell is immense and very highly concentrated into a small area. The strength of the spell relies on the amount of their body the caster is willing to give up, as the magic uses flesh to amplify the effect of the spell.


Binding Spell #1: Restriction
Incantation: "Carriage of jade. Rod of gold. Cuffs of iron!"
Effect: A invisible force will bind the targets arms behind their back. It can be broken by displaying a moderate amount of reiatsu.

Binding Spell #2: Cover
Incantation: "May stars shine unnoticed. Do not see the dawn!"
Effect: Creates an opaque black ring around the eyes (or equivalent) of the target, preventing them from seeing or hearing. The ring can be broken through moderate physical force.

Binding Spell #3: Repair the Mortal Frame
Incantation: "Light of mercy. Horn of Heaven. Breath easy."
Effect: A light green glow is emitted from the user, restoring a person's body and healing their physical wounds slowly.

Binding Spell #4: Crawling Rope
Incantation: "Crow snake in the grass, constrict!"
Effect: This spell creates a rope of energy which then entangles the target's arms, binding them together.

Binding Spell #5: Cords beyond the Sea
Incantation: "As the wind blows, the colours of the world slide between the mountains. Pagodas rise and towers fall. Six north, five east, seven west, four south."
Effect: Black spikes slam into a nonliving object of the caster's choice, connecting the victim to the object by black cords. The target cannot move farther away from the nonliving object than they presently are. This spell can be broken by destroying the nonliving object or by the use of moderate spiritual force.

Binding Spell #6: Steel Kneecap
Incantation: "The endless army marches for eternity. Ye who bears the name of man, halt the battle!"
Effect: The knees of the opponent, or what passes for knees, are locked so the legs can't move, broken by displaying a moderate amount of magic.

Binding Spell #7: The Sensibility of the Coin
Incantation: "Dancing, the spirits of the air flit around the rhododendron. Butterwort, sunflower, red drop, earth. Walk the lines of connection."
Effect: A small coin-shaped pellet of energy appears before the caster. Nonliving things become temporarily semi-transparent to the caster, and the caster's sense of magic is heightened for one post. During this time, illusions also become semi-transparent to the caster. This spell only lasts one post.

Binding Spell #8: Repel
Incantation: "Eight hands wide, draw a circle!"
Effect: Creates a small circular barrier connected to one of the limbs. When hit by a physical attack, the opponent's weapon is bounced off it, pushing them away from the caster and shattering the barrier.

Binding Spell #9: Strike
Incantation: "Disintegrate! Rondaninni's black dog! Read, burn, and devour your own throat!"
Effect: This spells summons a brilliant red light to shine down from above on the target. While inside the ray of light, the target is unable to move.

Binding Spell #10: Thoughtful Suspension
Incantation: "Open your mind, and let it flow. Release the blackness and regret, look towards the hope of tomorrow, golden, spinning, turning, soaring."
Effect: Levitates an object under 200 lbs, controlling it mildly (IE flipping the pages of a book).

Binding Spell #11: Glue Trap
Incantation: "Shoot your arrow to the sun, and be the fool. Bound to the maypole, tied to the anchor, drown in yourself."
Effect: Sprays a jet of light white fluid from a hand finger mouth or other kido focal point on the caster. It is highly adhesive, and things sprayed with it become ultra sticky and stick to surfaces in an extreme way.This dangerous substance is highly explosive, and touching it with a spark or flame will trigger a massive detonation.

Binding Spell #12: Forgotten Container
Incantation: "The winter cloud, though large, fits into a cup. Three goblets, two bowls, seventy forks stab the wing of the phoenix."
Effect: This magic was originally developed for transport of specimens. The caster draws a circle around the target nonliving object, which then is frozen and shrunken to about 10 cm at the largest dimension; the weight of the object also diminishes proportionally. This magic can be dispelled at any time by the caster.

Binding Spell #12: Convenient Kerchief
Incantation: "Rise like the sun, stand like the mountain, charge like the lion, die like the hero. Sunrise to sundown, you walk."
Effect: Creates a cloth of varying size, pattern, and shape. Typically used to conjure bandages on the field for injured soldiers, it can also be used to create clothing and a braided rope of cloth, larger sizes and patterns requiring more power to perform.

Binding spell #14: Air Leaf
Incantation: "Retaliate, suspend, repel. Mock the son and walk upon the flow, violate the law and push forward. Conviction, willpower, freedom!"
Effect: Creates a burst of smoke and gas at the users feet, forming a large leaf of the casters choice. It floats and hovers by using the riders energy, and can be used for flight or travel.

Binding Spell #17: Shallow Grave
Incantation: "Floor of ironsand. The brazier quickens and then slows! The jailer awakens to find a new prisoner!"
Effect: This spell causes the land to split open under the target's feet and then seal up again, usually trapping the lower limbs of an opponent making them an easy target. Strength is required to break away from the ground and reiatsu grip.

Binding Spell #19: Sentinel's Midnight Watch
Incantation: "Fixing the sight of the double lines, watchers from the east converge upon the foe! Beholding one, beheld by none, strike from the darkness that must surround evil!"
Effect: The user lets off a bright flash of light, which can be used to blind someone, or be maintained to illuminate an are. It can be pointed like a flashlight, or let of like a bright lantern.

Binding Spell #21: Red Smoke Evasion
Incantation: "Quivering mountain. Vermilion egg. Tumultuous nest. Shatter and obscure!"
Effect: The caster generates a huge plume of red smoke, thick enough to obscure the vision of even the keenest eyes. It is heavy, enough so that it can be only minimally affected by the wind, but it is far from stationary. The cloud of smoke can hide up to eight people.

Binding Spell #24: Blood Needle
Incantation: "Dart of crimson, the color of blood. Hamper the flow and restrain the movement."
Effect: A small red needle is fired from the user's fingertip. It will paralyze the part of the target's limb it hits. It lasts 10 minutes, or 3 post cycles, which ever comes first.

Binding Spell #26: Bending Light
Incantation: "The rain surrounded by the sun smiles and gives itself up. The island surrounded by the sea sighs and vanishes."
Effect: Allows the caster to conceal themselves and their magic signature for five minutes, during this time they can not perform any action apart from moving, or they will break the spell. At higher levels, additional spells can be cast beneath the spell, imbuing them with long-term concealment as a dual-cast spell.

Binding Spell #30: Thrust Beak - Triple Flash
Incantation: "The ninth root whirls in the air. With a flourish, bring the dove away from the lightning prince."
Effect: The caster traces a triangle in the air, facing their opponent, leaving a 'beak' of energy at each point. As the triangle is completed, the beaks dart out towards the target, pincering around their arms and waist, and pushing them into the nearest flat surface, be it a wall, or the floor, anything. It restricts movement and deals damage for the impact.

Binding Spell #36: Bamboo Cage Incantation: "Mighty bamboo rise and stiffen! Create a forest and hold the prisoner fast."
Effect: Bamboo shoots fly out of the ground and form a crisscross lattice creating a cage like structure capable of holding anything up to a medium sized beast. This bamboo is reinforced by magic, making it extremely hard to break out of. This spell was developed for capturing low level targets that were of significant interest.

Binding Spell #37: Star Sling
Incantation: "Stretching from star to wing. Leaning willow. Tempered by the ogre. Await the spider's judgement!"
Effect: Creates a sheet of variably adhesive energy capable of holding a metric tonne of weight. From this sheet the edges shoot out as individual 'points' to a star, locking into nearby solid surfaces to suspend the sheet above the ground. It can be used to hold great weights high in the air, but depends on there being walls and other surfaces to cling to. Anything that hits it, sticks to it, subject to the caster's decision.

Binding Spell #39: Circular Floodgate Fan
Incantation: "The Buddha's hands open wide. The insolent king writes and departs, scribing!"
Effect: The caster holds their hands out before them, palms facing the direction of their desired shield. The user summons a circle of compressed reiatsu, it can provide adequate protection against one or two physical attacks, but against Ceros and other reiatsu-based attacks it can withstand a lot more hits, due to the user being able to disperse the energy and channel more power into the dome. At higher power levels, the user can cast two shields, one for each hand.

Binding Spell #42: Salvation Halo
Incantation: Come close and pray, ye who desire peace and harmony. Release the light of the sky and mend the broken who suffer."
Effect: A circle of light appears in an area around the user, the size of which mirrors their power. All those in the circle slowly have their energy restored, and wounds healed as if by Healing magic. This is also capable of curing poisons or relieving curses of mild power.

Binding Spell #45: Magical Pot
Incantation: "Within the gates of hell there is no freedom. South, South, past the cross roads and into the binds."
Effect: Creates from the users spiritual energy a demonic looking urn containing powerful ropes which bind anything the user considers an enemy. These ropes can keep coming after their target even after being cut and the only way to stop them is to destroy the urn.

Binding Spell #46: White Crawl
Incantation: "Eye of the tiger, heart of the sparrow. The cobra sways, the cuckoo pounces. Drop!"
Effect: By maintaining eye contact, the target will eventually fall unconscious. For weaker opponents, the effects can be almost instantaneous, but the stronger the opponent, the longer the amount of time required. If the spell is left unfinished, the target will merely feel slightly dizzy for a few seconds.

Binding Spell #47: Reflecting Bounder
Incantation: "The glass sees all and knows all, ask your question and it shall be returned. Light, darkness, earth, fire, water, air, all are prohibited."
Effect: Generates in front of the caster a round mirror made of reiatsu. Any energy based attack that strikes it but doesn't break it will be bounced back in the direction it was sent. Cero level powers usually break the mirror, but a master level kido user using this kido with it's full incantation would be able to use it to such extents. A rookie would be unable to reflect even a single bala.

Binding Spell #51: Sakura Blossoms
Incantation: "Snowy stalks, shower the petals and fill the winds."
Effect: Thousands of sakura blossoms obscure the vision of the opponent for a few seconds allowing for the caster to escape, chant a more powerful spell or launch a surprise attack.

Binding Spell #53: Magnetic Discord
Incantation: "Forces of life and energy head my call. North, South, strike and bind that which goads the creator."
Effect: From the users hand, a golden sphere is released. It moves moderately fast, but can be dodged without too much effort. If it hits something within 50 yards of flight, that object will become super magnetized. All metal in the area within 100 yards will be drawn to it, or it will be drawn to the nearest metal object, it depends on which is more solidly locked in place. It wears off on its own after five post cycles.

Blast Spell #55: Maw Hook
Incantation: "Rebound upon your killer, harpoon of the ancient whale, showing no mercy to the one who bleeds! Feast upon the deep red wounds, knife of the fresh-born shark, bearing no goodwill to the one who dies!"
Effect: Creates a metallic weapon shaped like a sharp bear trap on a chain. The bear trap end (which is shaped like the jaws of a shark) launches out, latching onto something while the chain is held by the caster. This kido was originally made by 7th division to restrain escaping criminals.

Binding spell #58: Summoning of the Tracking Sparrows
Incantation: "Heart of the south, eye of the north, finger of the west, foot of the east, arrive with the wind and depart with the rain."
Effect: The user creates a circle on the ground then draws a symbol on one of four parts. The circle then displays coordinates and acts like a radar dish tuned to pick up reiatsu of targets.

Binding spell #61: Six Cane Light Prison
Incantation: "Carriage of thunder. Gap of spinning wheel. Together with light, divided into six."
Effect: Six bars of light connected together instantly appear in the target's chest around their Soul Chain, making them unable to move.

Binding Spell #62: One Hundred Handrails
Incantation: "Tens of tens dance across the skies. Whirl the hand and remove the flying eagle from the grasp of the thunder lord."
Effect: A staff of light is formed in the casters hands, and thrown like a javelin towards the opponent. As it flies through the air, the staff splits into one hundred short metal bears, a foot long each. These bars spear the target against the nearest flat surface, even if that is the floor.

Binding Spell #63: Locking Bondage Stripes
Incantation: "Green general lurking beneath the waves, wrap tight!"
Effect: A more powerful form of crawling rope, three thick chains materialize around the target, wrapping and binding the limbs to the body and restricting any movement. Within an instant, these chains turn to thick-woven metal ropes, each about a foot wide. It is said that brute force cannot break free from them.

Binding Spell #70: Steel Entrapment
Incantation: "Erupt from the bowels of the stone and earth. Minerals found underfoot. Ore forged by the molten fire. A cage to bar the wicked."
Effect: Steel Bars erupt out of the ground and form a crisscross lattice creating a cage like structure capable of holding beings such as large Hollows. The steel is reinforced by reiatsu making it extremely hard to break out of and can stand quite rigorous attacks, either physical or spiritual. This spell was developed by the Twelfth Division for capturing high level targets that were of significant interest to them.

Binding Spell #71: Ark of Noah
Incantation: "Take me away from time and season, bring salvation in desperate hours! Bear towards the noble purpose, ark of gold, ocean of air, faith will be the guide!"
Effect: Assembles from the casters power pieces and planks of wood, which converge around a target. It traps the target as it forms a ship (it can have no target too), which floats on air. The ship is a large boat, with a simple construct. It has one mast, with a large piece of paper for the sail, which can have an ink design of the castors choice. The boat is powered by the energy of the one standing at the helm, and will fly though the sky and stay together by draining their magic. It leaves a trail of light as it flies, and can go faster by spending more power. The ark will crumble if it is too damaged, or when it runs out of power.

Binding Spell #73: Falling Mountain Crystal
Incantation: "Support the young, o stinking goddess. The sparrow rides from the mountain cave across the elephant's back."
Effect: The caster summons a brilliant white upturned pyramid of light beneath their feet, if they are stood on the ground, the pyramid lifts them off the ground somewhat. The pyramid boosts the power of kidō and greatly boosts the power of healing techniques. The strength of kidō increases by two, and healing abilities by four times. The pyramid can also trap targets within it, but preserves the targets' lives while they are trapped.

Binding spell #74: Tentacles of the Underworld
Incantation: "The king of the dead lends his garden to the blackest soul. Powerful thorns, thick fibers. Deadly roots that hold firm the earth. Bind and let none go."
Effect: This spell summons thirteen black brier vines from underground all around the target. These thick briars are flowing with magic and are used to bind and hold a target in place, leaving only the head exposed, but causing quite an amount of pain as the thorns dig into them.

Binding Spell #75: Quintet of 1 Kan Pillars
Incantation: "Walls of ironsand. A priestly pagoda. Glowing fireflies. Standing upright, silent to the end."
Effect: The user clasps their hands together and five pentagon shaped images seep out before gathering in front of their hands. The user then slams their hands into the ground. Five pentagon pillars will appear over the arms, feet, and head of the target, pinning them to the ground.

Binding Spell #77: Heavenly Rickshaws of Silken Air
Incantation: "Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly through the heavens."
Effect: Transmits messages to anyone the castor desires, works better is used in conjunction with Bakudou #58.

Binding Spell #79: Nine Sunlight Traps
Incantation: "Bowing before the all-seeing sun, the courtyard is filled. Rainbow. Aged hermit. Unraveling yarn. Golden crown. Blockade in violence!"
Effect: Creates eight black holes around the target that absorb any expelled magic. A ninth black hole appears at the victim's chest and prevents movement. Can only be broken by almost exhausting oneself of magic, but can be dodged by moving far enough from the eight black holes before the ninth is formed (though due to the former eight black holes, techniques such as magic induced highspeed movement are ineffective, making it nearly impossible to dodge in time).

Binding Spell #81: Splitting Void
Incantation: "Wall between the light and dark. Water quenches the fire. Build the wall, stop the fire. Block the scream."
Effect: This spell creates a large rectangular shaped barrier between the target and user which is transparent. It is known to block most kido and energy based attacks, but will break from melee.

Binding Spell #86: Imperial Forbidding
Incantation: Crystal tooth, Orb of creation, Egg, Bone, Mindless form, gather in the north, grasp the heavens and shield the rising sun.
Effect: This creates a golden pagoda-shaped shield, 20 meters square. Anything that goes out will weaken the spell. If a Blast spell is cast from within the shield, the reiatsu holding the shield will distort, and the shield will shatter. High level attacks can shatter it. (must be stronger then the caster)

Binding Spell #87: Reverse Forbidding
Incantation: Obsidian fang, Cube of destruction, Tombstone, Granite soul, disperse and restrain, crack the moon in twain.
Effect: The exact opposite of Imperial Forbidding, this creates a dark crimson, 20 meters square, pagoda-shaped shield that will not permit any to get out of it, but will allow passage of anything into it. However, the shield breaks once something enters it.

Binding Spell #88: Quartet Burial Seal
Incantation: "The black general salutes. The white king bows. The red empress weeps. The blue emperor mourns. Walls of ironsand. Four pillars pierce the doomed coffin as it sinks into the sea."
Effect: The caster throws four spears are that are used to bind the target by their hands and legs. The target is then sealed in a black cube with chains wrapping around it. The four spears then pierce the box.

Binding Spell #89: Shadow of the Moon
Incanation: "Sparkling nets. Crimson bridges. Obsidian crowns. The thunder prince strikes. The lost land rises. Beneath the brightest beam. Azure stream. Plummet into the courts of hell."
Effect: The caster signals a direction, and instantly an area of space proportionate to the level of power he put into the spell (based on the incantation and the users power) becomes subjugated to high gravity. Airborne figures are brought down, and weaker men crumble to the ground. A master with the incantation could effect up to 100 yards, a master without the incantation could effect the area right in front of him. If an amateur uses this spell, or if something goes wrong during casting, it WILL backfire, causing him to smash his own body into the earth at high speed, with severe damage.

Binding Spell #90: Gate of the Four Beasts
Incantation: "Retreat becomes futile. Blue bolt, white bolt, black bolt, red bolt. Repent and sink into the sea. Dragon Tail's Gate. Tiger Fang's Gate. Turtle Shell's Gate. Phoenix Wing's Gate."
Effect: Imprisons the target between four magic barriers. Each barrier projects a spherical field around the target, meaning that in order to break free four attempts must be made. One of the strongest area of effect binding spells. The four 'gates' can be erected separately, rather than as a group. If the gates are cast separately, the first three gates form walls which block incoming attacks or attackers, while the fourth creates a barrier around the target.

Binding Spell #91: Mirror Door
Incantation: "The vinegar dish falls. Memories, stretching roads, rain upon the yellow coat. Look inward, turn outward."
Effect: Creates a hemispherical barrier that is very difficult to break from the outside, but effortless to pass through from the inside. High power abilities are able to break it with great effort, and it can only be cast once a day.

Binding Spell #93: Three Spears Star Formation
Incantation: "The priestly pagoda stretches beyond the clouds. The fireflies scorch the plains. The walls of iron sand stand unsympathetic to the will of man. Sow the red crystal's seed."
Effect: A horridly powerful seal spell that is used on defeated targets to put them into a stasis. A victim is designated as the target, the victim becomes pierced from the inside out by three immense crystalline spears. The spears grow to such a scale that they can be seen from miles around, the target encased within the magic-reinforced crystal.

Binding Spell #95: Mercy of Dominus
Incantation:  Lights, camera, action! Actors take your place, watch the skylight fall and obey the director! Cast in the name of god; Ye Not Guilty!
Effect: The user lets off a beam of light, which unerringly hits the desired target. Upon doing so, the target will be relieved of all of their injuries, wounds, exhaustion, poisons, disease, and even things like curses and age, until they are restored to their 100%. All of these things are then forced to the castor of the spell, usually fatally.

Binding Spell #97: Temporal Stasis
Incantation: "Princess of the north bearing the horns of the east. Ogre of the south clutching the three stars of the west. Arrive with the storm and depart with the flood."
Effect: Halts time and movement in a twenty foot radius. It cannot be stepped into or escaped from. The spell lasts anywhere from one second, to hours depending on the user and casting conditions,  but can be broken out of by those capable of casting the spell themselves. While performing it, Farmer himself is also trapped in the same state.

Binding Spell #98: Spatial Displacement
Incantation: "Sparkling nets. Crimson bridges. Obsidian crowns. The thunder prince strikes. The lost land rises. Beneath the brightest beam. Azure stream. Plummet into the courts of hell."
Effect: Transports objects, people and even magic from one place to another. The place must be familiar enough to the caster for them to be able to visualize the transporters in that area. For larger areas of effect (such as moving an entire building or city), focusing spires of specialized stone must be arranged around the desired area. If these spires are destroyed, then the spell is broken and the transported place returns to where it was before the spell was cast.

Binding Spell #99: Final Seal
Incantation: "Restraint! First Song: Halting Fabric. Seal! Second Song: Hundred Linked Bolts. Final Seal! Third Song: Great Seal of 10,000 Forbidding. Great Final Seal!"
Effect: The initial command wraps the arms of the target in a strong dark fabric, which is reinforced with magic, behind their back. The fabric is then nailed into place with a dozen pins into the arms. Normally this first command will be enough to hold a person. After saying the first song the user slams their palms on to the ground. From this spot, sheets of strongly magic reinforced, white wrappings completely cover the target from head to toe. The second song pierces these sheets with long metal spikes in the chest and head. The final song, which is to be used in only the most extreme cases, creates an enormous metallic pillar above the target which is then used to crush them and hold them in place. Can only be performed by the best magic users, cannot be broken out of by anyone but the best magic users.
Name: Red Kyoza

Age: 234

Gender: Male

Ability Type: Speed
Speed: High
Power: Average
Ability: (below) Basic
Intelligence: Basic

General Appearance: With a thick body built with heavy muscle, red thoroughly appears to be a member of the eleventh division. Scars line his arms and legs, mirroring one another in a striped pattern, along with twin scars on his face, forming a "+" shape on his face, running down and across his nose to his ears on one, and his forehead and chin on the other. Standing tall at six feet two inches, his powerful body and frame are usually imposing, with most aspects of him coming off as tough. Despite that, he has an endearing and expressive face, with large blue eyes and a wide smile. His skin has a farmers tan, pale beneath his chest plates and armors and tanned in his exposed areas, with the scar tissue being a bit darker and more pronounced.

His hair is bright/blood red, resulting in his name, and usually swept backwards out of his face. Straight, it falls to his neck when untamed, which is often.

He prefers armor over simple gis, often wearing a plate mail and gauntlets with a steely tone.

His sword is kept on his side, in a red sheath kept around his upper body by a leather belt.

Strengths: Fast, powerful, unyielding, he is a man who has come to fulfill the ideals of the 11th division. Red possesses strength, speed, and endurance befitting someone who fights on the front lines every day, using masterwork blade technique and footwork to cut down enemies and tear apart problems.

Weaknesses: Without kido, he is limited to melee combat, unable to perform elemental or long range tactics. In addition, over time he will tire and weaken naturally, though this limit is a difficult one to reach. In general, it is hard for him to perform the same technique twice in a row or in excess.

Personality: Almost carefree, if ignorance is bliss, then Red is in heaven 24/7. With most of his knowledge consisting of fighting, sword care, and crochet (a small hobby of his). Having grown up in a shack, his levels of education and human interaction are both near zero, leaving him awkward, unversed in romance, and a complete blockhead when it comes to anything that isn't plain and simple. Preferring to cut down the bad guys, he sees the world as good and evil, unable to think of it in other ways and charging straight ahead. With a good and kind nature, he's easily manipulated, but a tough bastard when it comes to a fight.

Historical Outline: Born into the soul society, Red was given his name by his friends and raised in the slums, playing around day by day and fighting them and adults with sticks and rocks. His childhood was relatively peaceful, though he never applied himself to doing anything besides beating up "bad guys". When he learned that the shinigami were the strongest and they killed bad guys all the time, he started to work to get stronger to join them, dazzled by their swords and their powers and wanting to be tough like them.
Looking for someone to make him strong, Red was still a boy when he met Meguri Kyoza, the master of Zodiac style kendo. Hearing he was tough, though a rogue, Red wanted to learn from him. He was quickly beaten senseless in a sparring match. Amused by Reds tenacity, even if he was an idiot, Meguri accepted him.

Red trained his entire childhood and early adulthood in the arts of Zodiac style here, constantly refining his skills as Meguri became his adoptive father. Still refusing to pick up a book, Meguri had to drill the basics of literacy into Reds skull by convincing him reading was required of shinigami to know where their division was. Butting heads constantly, they fought often, with Red always getting a blow to his thick head.

This went on until Red was able to master the Zodiac techniques, upon which he and Meguri began the final match a duel to teach red the final and most deadly technique of the style: Dragon. In the heat of the battle, lasting three days, Red was able to see, perform, and defeat the technique and his mentor. But due to his age, Meguri was not able to survive passing on the technique, his last performance of it taking away the last of his energy.

Granting Red the title of "Kyoza", or Throne, Meguri gave Red a home, and a last name of his own. With that, and a few days worth of tears, Red parted from his master and walked to the soul society. With his practice sword shattered in the fight, he soon mastered his shikai, though sealing it proved troublesome. As did kido. And hakudo. And using technology. In fact, he was basically only able to cut things up. Luckily for Red, he is very very good at cutting things up.

With his title, his shikai, and his skill, he attained a seated position, and aims to fight further and protect his home.

Division: 11th Division

Rank: Contested

Zanpakuto: Renbato (repeater)

Release Phrase: Split

Sealed/Shikai Appearance: A straight duel edged sword, it is curved, slightly longer than ordinary shinigami swords. With a red wrapped hilt, and a golden guard, it gleams brightly. When released, the sword does not change shape, instead becoming a deep red tone.

Shikai Abilities: A cut made into a symmetrical target will cause a mirror of that cut to appear in the matching location on the opposite side, "repeating" the wound. In example, piercing a left hand with Renbato will cause the right hand to be pierced as if by magic at the same time.
If the "opposite" area does not exist due to the limb not being there or an impossibly physiology, or if Renbato hits the center of a target, there is no effect.

Kendo: Red is the current grandmaster of Zodiac style swordplay, a kenjutsu art involving invoking the forms of the twelve zodiac animals for a series of techniques. He has mastered basic sword play, as well as the twelve secret arts, earning the title Kyoza, reserved for the current master of the style. Eventually, he will have to accept a disciple.

Snake: By rippling his muscles and bones, Red can vibrate and undulate his sword, making it resemble a rippling snake or as if it is surrounded by heat shimmers. This illusion causes his strikes to be near-impossible to anticipate, as it suddenly lashes out with a biting whip-like illusion, making the size and distance of the blade much harder to predict as Red suddenly stabs with it.

Horse: A powerful speed technique involving pumping the leg muscles, and thrusting downwards. Matching shunpo speed, by striking at the ground Red can rapidly adjust his position, tearing apart the flooring around him as he shifts as if a pinball, charging in. This is his alternative to shunpo.

Goat: A thrusting spear attack made to pierce thick defenses, kido or otherwise, by using all of his upper body strength. Thrusting backwards very suddenly, the point black attack places his palm onto the hilt of his sword before spearing it forward with extreme force. though he may throw it long distance as if a dart, doing so parts him from Renbato, which is entirely too dangerous usually.

Monkey: A 360 degree attack. Spinning on a heel, Red may attack and defend from every direction at once. Rotating his body in a fraction of a second, he seems to blur into something with six faces for that moment, his sword blurring into a few as he catches a glimpse of his surroundings. He may use this to turn quickly and not the full 360.

Rooster: A high flying technique made possible by using his full lower body strength, Red is able to launch himself upwards at shunpo speed with explosive force, often stopping mid air and doing the same technique downward for a crushing guillotine. Anything in his way is usually smashed, or diced with rapid techniques. Doing this without going upwards or downwards is impossible without ground that is appropriate, meaning a wall or a ramp, and doing so is far less controlled than Horse technique, though more powerful and leaving his sword completely available.

Dog: More of a stance than a specific technique, by biting the middle of his sword with his teeth, Red can fight without the use of his arms, and with practice is capable of fighting at full power despite doing so. This stance does open up a technique, wherein he may grapple an opponent with both of his arms before "biting" them with his sword, usually slashing their throat. His grapple is surprisingly powerful, fingers digging into flesh like claws as he swings the blade.

Pig: A shaving technique, wherein the blade is scrapped rather than slashed outwards, used to peel off a layer rather than smashing or slicing. Used on a person, it would skin the afflicted area, or remove their armor or outer clothing. Used on non-material objects, it can cleave them in half, splitting them as if parting a river, the shave rippling though to allow Red to split them apart. He must continuously do so to cut though a stream, and if it carries on longer than he can swing for, it will get though and strike him. 

Rat: A series of rapid stabbing motions resembling a high speed assault, or rapid fire. Leaving many lacerations on the target, the strikes are within hundredths of seconds of one another, often lacerating opponents terribly. Slower than Snake, and covering less ground than rabbit, it isn't very good for defenses usually.

Ox: A defensive technique, using the edge and the broad of the blade at once. With it, Red may use his sword to catch, slash, and deflect projectile attacks in any direction, using it with ease as long as their length does not exceed a foot or their weight prove too much for him to be able to shove back.

Tiger: A concentrated strike, involving very fast sword play. The blade seems to blur as it increases in speed, as if the opponent is seeing double, striking just as if that was the truth all at once. Each "blade" is micrometers apart, resulting in one cut forming several slashes, as if performed by a claw. Tiger happens to be Reds most used technique, and his favorite. He thinks it's because it's due to his birth year being the tiger zodiac sign.

Rabbit: A defensive technique, involving high speed rotation of his blade. Red is able to spin the blade as if it was a fan to scatter incoming assaults too small or too numerous for Ox, or other immaterial things such as gas, fire, lightning, or kido. Their width cannot be larger than the 10 feet shield his blade makes. Using this same technique, he may choose to make it offensive by throwing it like a disk, which may return to him like a boomerang, but doing so does part him from his sword and is much slower than the Goat technique of throwing.

Dragon: The final and most dangerous technique of the Zodiac style. Using all of the strength in his body, Red is able to harden his muscles and sharpen his reishi to extreme levels, as well as raise his strength and natural speed intensely. The actual technique is rather simple; drawing, striking the enemy, and re-sheathing the sword as a single coherent motion. Everything is to be performed extremely swiftly, and the distance he can cover while doing so is dramatic, but with his extreme strength and speed it becomes excessively difficult to halt, block, or dodge the technique.

Name: Rook Roach

Alias: LIX

Age: 59

Rank: Numeros

Number: 679


Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Weight: 188 lbs

Stat Type: Ability
Ability: High
Intelligence: Average
Strength: Basic
Speed: Average

General: Rook has a weightlifter kind of build, with deep bronze skin reminiscent of native-american or middle eastern heritage, and strong muscled features. He has shoulder length black hair, each lock quite thick and dirtied if he hasn't regenerated in awhile, tied loosely behind his head and out of his face. He has no scars or wounds on his face, though his eyes usually have a very tired look, with bags beneath both of them. His eyes are a steely grey tone. On his face he has two tattoos; two black lines going from his eyes down his cheeks, ending at his jaw line. His face is usually dirtied, and he has very short facial hair; a peach fuzz mustache and goatee that looks as though he hasn't shaved in about a week. All his teeth are solid gold.

Rook is usually splattered with blood or dirt.

Attire: His body is routinely decorated in custom made quartz crystal jewelry, along with his golden teeth, giving him a flashy look. Usually wearing the numeros uniform of white clothing, he wears loose a robe like coat with a white sash around his belt, white shoes and baggy pants finish it off.

Personal Information

Personality: Extremely greedy, he adores petty things like money, jewels, and treasures, collecting "worthwhile" objects to sate his greed. He is obsessed with collecting anything he finds valuable, whether it is an inanimate object or a person or even something metaphysical, and as such considers everything he sees as worthy to be something worth dying to collect. At most times, he seems very calm and collected, wearing a cool and content smile and calmly killing with the slightest of ease and zero regard for human life, throwing away thousands of lives for one jewel if need be.

He hates loud and annoying grating noises, weakly covering his ears at such sounds. He hates hearing people scream or cry, but loves torturing them and watching their expressions. A masochist, he often hurts himself for pleasure or mockingly shows a pleased expression when hurt.  He is also very proud of his power, and very blunt in battle. He doesn't like backwards roundabout tactics, preferring to rush in and smash his way to victory. Despite this he can be quite calculating, he's just impatient.

He has a horrible fear of death, and becomes a coward when in the face of surefire doom.

Historical outline: Died as a human, but with no memories as a hollow his life and name only started when he became a sentient hollow. Killing and eating any soul he saw, he happily lived for many decades, becoming a formidable hollow. It was a long time until he, with the help of a certain espada, removed his mask. With a gain in power, he sunk most of his strength into attaining a pseudo immortality, and now works within the organized arrancar.

Self serving, he's become known for finding and trading information, services, and certain goods.

Combat Information


Name: Vidardid (Trick of Life)

Release Phrase:  Open

Appearance: A tongue stud, solid steel and ball shaped on the tip of his tongue.


Appearance: Rooks body becomes thinner and slightly taller, his nails and fingers growing longer and more slender and his ears becoming sharp and pointed, as coarse black hairs grow in everywhere but his face and pectoral muscles. In the middle of his head,  his mask piece splits into pieces while an eye opens up, bright yellow and large. His tattoos grow to “bleed” down his chest, and now run down his legs beneath the dark hair.

Mechanics: As long as the eye is undamaged, Rooks body will regenerate at an obscenely high speed. The eye draws in reiatsu from the air, the earth, and himself to grow and replace organs, emitting cells at a super massive speed to replace damaged ones. Removed body parts lose their “fuel” and quickly turn to dust and vanish.

Granted Abilities

Echo: Rook “shoots” his eye out like a bala from his head, his body dying instantly and a new one growing from his eye once it stops moving. It has enough force to fly miles and is used as a fast travel. He is able to control it in this state, protecting it with a reiatsu bubble and speaking by vibrating the air. This is Rooks most vulnerable state.

Parasyte: Rook is able to give his eye to someone to “merge” with them, the eye boring his veins and flesh into them until they become one. This essentially grants the person his regenerative powers and lets them communicate mentally, Rook watching from the eye. He can leave whenever he wishes. He is able to manipulate those with low energy, such as weaker hollows or humans, though they ironically have their souls crushed by the strain most of the time.

Inchor Claws: His claws are quite sharp in this form. He is highly efficient with them, using them to tear people apart with ease and slicing solid rock with a slash.

Lashes: Rooks arms and legs can stretch out or bend in unusual ways, though the speed at which they do so is not terribly fast. This can allow for trick attacks or sneak shots, if need be.


Garganta/Air Gate: Rook is able to grab the air and rip it apart to form a garganta. Because he must do it this way, and cannot open one with his mind alone, it shows he is at a much lower level than the espada. Rook has also developed a special pocket of the world between Earth and Hueco Mundo, where he keeps his collection. This hidden home, filled with treasures and money and jewels, is called the Boarded World. It looks similar to a lavish living room.

Silbido: Rook is able to communicate with low level hollows with a special sound he emits with his lips, a whistle that sends them commands, calling them even across dimensions.

Gonzui: Rook is able to kill and eat humans and low level spirits long distance, sucking in the souls. He is also able to spit them back out, implant them into other bodies, and perform other perverse deeds with them, as hollows have demonstrated before. He enjoys forcing innocent souls he has defeated into bodies that are nothing but dolls.

Cero Córnea: Firing from his third eye, this small cero beam is powerful enough to shoot though most targets, blasting if it cannot pierce.

Pesquisa: Rooks pesquisa comes in the form of a small spotlight eminating from his eye that scans what it lands on, taking in information about their spiritual power and revealing to him illusions that are not too far beyond his mind to comprehend.

Strengths: His regeneration is at such a level that the unwise will confuse it with immortality, though it’s simply a high level of regeneration. His tenacity, stamina, and defense all skyrocket with his increased regeneration, allowing him to outlast and outfight most enemies.

Flaws: Cocky, convinced his immortality cannot be beaten, he easily exposes his third eye. If it were damaged, it would close until it slowly healed, and he would be left utterly vulnerable for an extended period. In addition, he does not have access to sonido or hierro, instead relying on brute strength and force to kill.

Miscellaneous Information

Rook has a fear of cats, one which keeps him immobile when confronting one or causes him to flee. He does not know why, but suspects it is psychological.

Rooks favorite foods are “Anything spicy” and his least are “Anything creamy”.

He is a capable thief, stealing silently or grabbing wallets and swords as he goes with relative ease to add them to his collection.

Rooks teeth do not regenerate with his mouth, forcing him to collect and reinsert his golden teeth one by one, a pastime he does not enjoy doing. He doesn’t know why he has no teeth.

His mask remnant is a white band around his head, pushing his hair back and hiding the marks that become his "demon eye". His hole is in his chest, where his heart would normally be.
Name: Brion Hopper

Age: 224

Gender: Male

Stat Type: Speed

Ability: Basic
Intelligence: Average
Speed: High
Power: Average

General Appearance: Brion has a crew cut hair style, his short red hair dyed with his own blood, leaving it running down in the morning and dried by mid day. He has a very lean and muscled build, toned from constant work outs, and his skin has become lightly tanned from working outside. He showers nightly to wash off the days blood before he sleeps, and keeps his hair cut and face shaven at all times so he doesn't get anything caught in his tools.
On his neck is a string like tattoo, going all around like a necklace and forming the words BURNBURNBURNBURN again and again. On his left arm are the words "KILL THE MAGGOTS" atop one another, now crossed out with a red X. A spider web on his back features a spider, tied in its own web and on fire, a devil at the bottom gleefully burning it. It's his most intricate tattoo. 
Standing at about 5 feet 8 inches, Brion dresses in stern contradiction to the normally dignified and routined feelings of 1st division. He constantly wears scanning sunglasses, even when inside, tinted brown/black and hiding his eyes, while providing him with valuble information on his targets through their connection to the 12th division network.
His fingers are usually bandaged, and he often has a eager and exhausted look to his face.
He often wears sneakers rather than the normal footwear, and a thick yellow belt around his waist holds some of his many tools.
His body (and scalp especially) are riddled with wounds and scar tissue.

Strengths: His incredibly aggressive nature leads to a high speed assault. With shunpo, Brion is very quick and hasty, rushing in with incredible brutal attacks and never holding back as he goes into a wild and unpredictable frenzy. He is quick to dodge, quick to swing, and always thinking a step ahead when it comes to beating someones teeth out.

Weaknesses: His nature makes him careless and difficult, leading to him getting into bad situations. He overestimates his own power as well, getting cocky often and speaking down to superiors when he shouldn't. Often he attempts balls out strategies, and ends up hospitalized for weeks, and his own body tends to be weaker than his hakuda, leading to self inflicted injuries.

Element: Heat

Personality: Aggressive, rude, and loud, Brion is just about as offensive as a shinigami can be. He loves to start a fight, and prefers to finish it in a bloody brutal way. He hates polite or quiet people, and loves to make jokes at others expense, and prefers people be the same way to him. His lifestyle is almost religious, performing a brutal morning ritual wherein he strikes himself with his own zanpacuto in the head. He repeats this until the bloodflow stains his hair and his scalp, running down his face. Afterwards he cleans a bare minimum off, and starts his day.
He is a sexual, social, and all around miscreant and deviant, who enjoys nothing more than teasing or messing with the uptight and proper people he can find.
After being released on a kind of parole, his behavior has changed somewhat, but he's still the same person all around.
He loves coffee, contact sports, drinking games, fights in general, and is often seen chewing gum which he sticks onto whatever is nearby.

Historical Outline:  Originally a criminal from the more wild districts of the soul society, Brion was arrested after killing three men in a brawl. While in custody, his unusual spiritual pressure was recognized, and after some strict interviews and personality tests, it was determined his dominant and physical style would be best suited to guarding the maggots nest. There, he regularly fought with prisoners, treating them rather poorly and learning hakuda and shunpo to keep them in place, getting stronger but staying trapped in this position. It wasn't until he pushed for a position in the court guard for many years and thwarted an internal riot that they released him on a temporary, and very closely watched, leave from the nest. 
He finished his training, and joined 1st division under close supervision, his nature now more well known but his rank at a seated officer enough to make sure people overlooked his bullying of other soul reapers, and his cruel and difficult tendencies. 

Division: 1st

Rank: 4th, self requested.

Zanpakuto Name: Uchide-no-Kozuchi or "Miracle Mallets"

Sealed Appearance: A Zanbato, or a japanese style double sided bastard sword, too heavy to swing easily, but powerful enough to kill with one sure blow.…

Release Phrase: Swing Away

Shikai Appearance: Two brass knuckle grips, much smaller than his sealed form, they are made for blunt attacks rather than piercing. They generate heat and flame as he picks up speed, allowing him to attack faster and more fiercly, but also burning him and threatening his life. Caution must be exorcised, but it never is.

Shikai Abilities: Generating impact, flame, and amplifying his kido and hakuda techniques.


Hell Grenade: A powerful blow that sends out a shockwave blast from the impact radius, essentially making it a handheld grenade technique. Mixed with his zanpacuto and kido, it can become long range, and its temperatures can set most aflame.
Dragon Breath: By clapping his hands together, he can release a shockwave though the air to scatter non-physical attacks, deafen enemies, or let loose a blast of air. His zanpacuto allows the air to set aflame, letting loose a long stream of high temperature shockwave flames.
Echo Impact: A repeating punch that is built up initially by rotating and building up force in his arm, damaging it. A direct hit will cause a chain reaction in the target, the impact bouncing around its mass and causing it to resonate again and again. On a living person, this is similar to a bullet bouncing around their body. With his shikai, it's as if the bullet was on fire, and exploding.
Return to Sender: A return technique, involving striking an incoming attack and sending it back with extra force, or even on fire. This is a very carefully performed technique, usually done with each finger acting independently, and is a show of his delicate skill when needed.
Fahrenheit Pulse: Pulse: By shifting his bones and muscles through a sort of Isometric technique, Brions entire body shifts at once while remaining motionless. This causes extreme strain to muscle, but through focus one can move every muscle in a sudden and powerful spazam to shake off bonds and restraints, loosening them and pushing them off with the sudden motion. The bonds can then be slipped out of by managing ones muscles to shift out of the loose grip. With his zanpacuto, this can cause his body to ignite in fire, or release an explosive detonation away from his body. His own reiatsu must protect him as a shield, or it will tear him apart. This technique was developed in the nest as a way to escape bonds and chains, after he was routinely restrained and bound for infractions.

Shunpo: High grade, his time in the maggots nest as a jailer required him to master it and Hakuda. He is capable of creating after images, running massive distances in short times, and keeping up with most of the best of even 2nd division.

Extremely limited, he uses Red Flame Cannon in his sealed state, and is an expert in it only, his zanpacuto built to help him influence its use for a variety of techniques, including controlling multiple, or making extra large ones in unusual shapes.

Swordsmanship: Extremely limited. His sword is too slow to be effective against serious opponents, though he can set it aflame and use it with kido.

12th division network: With his glasses, he can access the shinigami information network to look up famous individuals, bounties, and target information, as well as scan environments and situations.

Spirit Appearance: A massive muscled figure in a black hood, shirtless with a single tail like protrusion in lieu of legs, the entire body is gray in color and open wounds are all over it. The wounds are mostly large openly bleeding gashes and slashes. Its head is like a skinned human skull, muscle showing and bones red with blood, it wears the hood at all times.
Name: Mellow Dreams
Alias: Candy Man

Age: 207

Rank: Espada
Number: Eight (Octava), formally Ninety-Eight

Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 145 lbs

Stat Type: Ability

General: Mellow has snow white hair, bushy and curling around his head, covering his eyes usually. He has large white horns that barely poke out of this mess (a piece of his mask), long earlobes that hang to his chin, and fair pale skin.  Mellow hunches and drags along in everything he does, and has a lanky body. Not too tall, his muscles are under developed. He has blue eyes that are closed most of the time, and often has a calm and easy smile.
His number 8 is written sideways on the back of his neck.
His hollow hole is in his stomach, literally boring through his gut and giving him a bottomless appetite.

Attire: Wearing what most people refer to as a snuggie, Mellows primary attire is a overly massive white sweater. With no hood, it reaches his ankles, the neck and sleeves folded a bit, giving him a large white turtle neck that hands loosely, and long drooping sleeves, making the entire thing look like a massive stretched out mess. Quite soft, it seems to be made of a high quality material. Some of his favorite accessories include sashes, fake angel wings, and his sword, taking for form of a small circular blade, usually hovering over his head and his horns like a halo.

Personal Information

Personality: Incredibly relaxed and easy going, almost in a scary way. It seems nothing can make Mellow emit emotion, he is always in a calm state of mind. Some say this is because of how he was raised, but even seeing people die doesn't phase him. He is said to be like a reed, bending and flowing with things, never breaking from pressure. He often replies with the phrase "that would be fine" or uses it in conversation.  Mellow is simply lazy. He thinks very little and has a very selfish, self serving personality. He seeks entertainment and pleasure, enjoying almost every aspect of life that the world has to offer. He enjoys new pleasures above all, and travels far and wide to see more, and experience more. He would never do something unless he thought it would be fun and entertaining for himself, and his sense of justice boils down to his own desire to gain entertainment. His loyalty to the Noches and the leader is limited to "How much fun is this place?".

Mellow represents the deadly aspect of Intoxication.

Historical outline: Born in Hueco Mundo, he was a hollow from the start. Mellow had incredible potential, but sadly squandered it. Even without training or work he became a powerful ghost if only for his tendency to outlast enemies and kill them cheaply and without hesitation or remorse. He became a menance, killing humans in his "Acid." In his torritory hollows would be eaten up, his fast potential enough to kill them without him having to train and refine his prodigy skills.

Over time, his power grew, treating fights like jokes as he became a gillian class, a massive swamp like body eating hundreds of hollows as he soaked up territory like a creeping tar pit. Gillians fell into his swamp daily, the white sand stained with a black mass of reeking death, his power growing until he became bloated enough to draw the attention of Las Noches.

Eventually approached, he took on the offer to join and become the 98th numeros, finding a home and many new chances to eat and enjoy himself. Over time, his power continued to grow, eating more and finally eating a Espada he was supposed to serve as the fraccion for, betraying the 9th espada and all of his comrades as he devoured them all with his res, proving and raising his strength.

Dubbed eighth for his power, his reputation in shambles after eating the one he swore fealty to, he happily took his palace and has lived in peace for decades.

Combat Information

Name: Dulce: Peligroso Pegajoso (Sticky Dangerous Candy)
Release Phrase: Melt me
Appearance: a thin metal blade, circular and interlocking with itself, forming a perfect circle, with out any hilt or guard. Close inspection reveals a japanese style sword, with the inner ring being dull and blunt and the outer being sharp and bladelike. Based on its design, it shouldn't be possible to weild without cutting your hand off.

Appearance: Melted, his entire body becomes like slime or goo, thick and sticky as his hair, body, and clothes melt into a mess. His innards are non existant, sans his hollow mask remnant and his core; two thin horns, attached to a beating heart.
Mechanics: His bodies cells all move interdependantly, moving around the "core". His heart produces the slime, infinitly as long as he has enough energy, pumping it out in droves and controlling it as long as it can touch it. He can see through any part of his body, and manipulate it at high speeds despite its gooey nature.  if damaged, he must retreat. if destroyed, he dies.
Granted Abilities: His heart is able to manipulate, alter, and control the slime it makes in a number of ways. Firstly, it can harden it into a crystal like substance. Its hardness is comparable to rock, but is much harder given the nature of his high spirtual energy. it can generally only be broken by higher levels of spirtual energy.

His heart is also able to alter the slime into its 5 different types, giving a new color to each one. Colored hardened forms retain their nature on some level.

Red: The warm mode, the slime is warm and soothing, able to mend and heal in small doeses, retoring vitality to allies like a concentrated injection of reiatsu. However he can also make it too powerful, making the slime blast off steam and become hot enough to melt bones, as it mimics lava. Drinking it would empower a person only if they could survive drinking lava.
Yellow: The powerful mode, this slime is as resilient and mighty as industrial glue, allowing Mellow to access it for strength, and for trapping enemies. Its crystals are the hardest, though it has no abilities like the others.
Green: The acid mode, the slime is acidic and viciously powerful. Rusting metal, dissolving flesh and stone, it threatens to melt and eat everything. This is often his most used form, and is used to digest souls and hollows alike when he feels like it. It can be washed off, but not wiped off.
Blue: the candy mode, his weakest mode, a simple sweet candy slime that can harden and shapen and be produced much easier than the others. When fighting, he often makes as much Blue slime as possible, before converting it into deadlier varieties, allowing him to bypass having to stright produce the more complex versions. The candy has few properties on its own, though it is excessivly delicious, even addictive if he concentrates.
Black: The poison mode, the slime is capable of causing numbness, sending people into a coma, or flat out killing them without damaging the body, unlike the others. Attacking the nervous system, this slime is the most dangerous in small doses, causing seasoned warriors to lose their senses. Damaged body parts are stained black, and ones innards and outter body are best cured by healing techniques, red warm slime from his red form, or a saltwater and medicinal bath.

NON-RES hollow powers:

Descorrdor: Mellow is able to open a small circular Garganta between worlds, enough for regular hollows and arrancar to travel through, and is also able to open a window like doorway to view far away events for fun, or to scope out a landing spot.

Regeneration: Easily able to reform himself as he eats, as long as he can use his Res, Mellow is only able to heal if he is able to enter it, slime reforming into his limbs for when he returns to his normal state. Losing an arm, or both arms, has very little meaning to him as long as he can replenish his energy.

Pesquisa: Mellow is highly gifted in the art. Trained in its use and naturally talented, he is quite gifted at sensing people within 100 yards, and intentions within 20. 'Loud' intentions, meaning those driven by powerful emotions, might be sensed much further away if they are loud enough. IE someone who is suffering the worst imaginable loss, screaming and howling in rage and sorrow.

Sonido: Capable of using it, he isn't too skilled, usually going through things rather than around them, and preferring to clod around than show grace.

Telepathy: He is able to move his zanpacuto as if it was controlled by his mind, the blade spinning about wildly and freely as he uses it to harvest humans and hollows alike.

Cero/Bala/Gran Ray Cero: Capable of using them, but usually not. His skill in them is low and his patience is thin, usually just preferring to strike with his superior power and be done with one blow. His cero fires from his mouth, and its color is a sheer bright white, like a florescent light. His balas are a similar color, and if at all he fires them in short sudden bursts like a Shotgun, spreading outward aimlessly and carelessly. His Gran Ray Cero is careless and reckless enough to kill himself along with his allies, exploding around him when it fires with a nasty recoil, though losing his arms and sides is never something he worries about. Due to the nature of his release, it can only be done in his human shape.

WEAKNESSES: His heart in his res form is his largest weakness. As big as a fist, it moves through his body like a fish, often coated in hardened slime. His mind, while capable and sharp, is lazy and sluggish, preferring to take things as they are than try to fix them. Though he can be clever, it often takes awhile. His hard slime, though powerful, can be broken either through repeated strikes, or by overwealming it at once, and the effects of his acid slime can be countered by high resistance and heavy reiatsu.

STRENGTHS: Mellow is able to use his powers to fire endless slime of a rainbow of colors, and become it. He can shoot it like a fire hose in mass, or produce mere droplets. He can also control and move the slime with his willpower, molding it at will. Finally, he can shift it from 'hard' to 'melted' at will. He can make his slime hard as steel, and often uses it to protect his heart. His versatility, his complicated body, his endless mass, and his natural skills in killing and eating make him a dangerous force.



As of the coup of Zead Tzimeo and the death of King Leone, Mellow has been demoted, and now carries number 108, his tattoo erased.


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