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Gargoyle (based on… )

40 (average gargoyle lifespan is 140 years)

The mountains of Terbia, far from humans.

Aleron travels, doing as he pleases. He protects whom he sees fit to protect, and kills and eats his own meals (he is carnivorous). He obtains money through mercenary work or though odd jobs from people brave enough to hire him, and has a small home in the form of a rocky cave in a distant western mountain side.


Cold and stoic is often how Aleron expresses himself, keeping his distance and treating others with the assumption they are afraid of him, and that it would be better to avoid them. Humans are the ones he has the most complex relationship with, he is their protector when he can be, but he knows they fear him and would crush him if he gave them the chance.

Aleron feels people do not understand him or his kind, and with no others of his race around his loneliness and isolation leaves him a very cold logical person, shutting off his emotions to keep himself sane. He has a trusting nature, and makes a poor liar, and he is prone to explosive bouts of emotion when something sets him off. The deaths of women or children especially heat him up.

Finally, he is at heart a warrior with a sense of honer. He hates fighting women and children, and prefers to protect those weaker then him, or those being attacked by the powerful in a way he deems unjust.

Aleron has gray and gravely skin, with a body build like a brick wall to match. At nine feet, with a broad chest, shoulders, and heavy muscles, he can be considered a tank of a man. His fang are sharp and pronounced, just as much as his clawed hands are, and his face is defined with a deep scar running from between his eyes and down his face, though his lips and off the right side of his chin. His eyes are a deep black, similar to a humans eyes, though they glow white when he becomes enraged. His hair is a thick mane of black and brown, mixing and blending. It falls to his shoulders in a terrible tangled mess, but is often tied up at the top, leaving the rest to hang on his shoulders. His wings are large and thick, capable of lifting him and a 500 pound load into the air. They can be folded in to look like a cloak, clasping together at the top and draping around his shoulders. Aleron has pointed ears with a better sense of hearing then a human. Finally, he has a prehensile tail that falls to the ground, and makes a fine weapon in battle.

Aleron wears modified leather clothing, human made armor that is mostly made to help him get along with the humans who would be mortified at a nude gargoyle. He wears a leather vest with an open back for his wings, an iron pauldrin on his right shoulder, and plate metal lion guards to cover his waist. His legs and arms are bare.

Aleron was born in a doomed clan, his family was dead when he was still just a babe, too young to even fly. He was forced to learn to survive on his own, learning from humans and allowing instinct to guide him. He was interested in his people, but found none wherever he looked, only finding information on his peoples rites on their magic though tomes long forgotten.

He built his home, began his free life, and now travels the lands in search of meaning and work.

Aleron uses his claw, his fists, his might, and his peoples magic as his weapons. He has never touched a human weapon.

Skill in combat, including defensive skills and high levels of strength. His claws are capable of tearing flesh and bone.

As a gargoyle he has the ability of flight, and is capable of doing so with relative ease. He can only fly at night.

He has studied his peoples magics and secrets, and has learned several abilities based on his peoples biology, to wit-
Flesh of Stone-  Alerons skin is naturally, hard a stone with a rough grainy feeling to it.
Sun Shield- Once every three days, Aleron has the ability to stay awake and alive in the daylight, the spell is broken if any beam of sunlight should touch his body, and he will instantly turn to stone.
Healing Sleep- While stone during the day, Gargoyles heal all damage done to them, unless that damage destroys an organ or severs a limb. Note that Gargoyles do not have the ability to heal while awake, and therefore, all damage is "aggravated" to them. Any damage done while a Gargoyle is in stone form is permanent, and may never be healed.
Bond with the Mountain- Aleron can move through solid stone/concrete ect as if it was a thick fluid, and leaves the shadow of his body on the surface of the stone. He can drag others with him when he does this, but he must resurface for air or he will suffocate.

Physical strength and defense are his greatest merits, no normal human can hope to withstand his full might. His magic is petty but it exists, and can be of great use.

Aleron is easily fooled, and can be tricked without too much effort. Of course his greatest enemy is the sun, every day he is forced into a defenseless form, and sunlight at anytime will instantly force him into it all over. Aleron is also weak to water elemental magic, it is one of the few elemental magics that can cut and damage his stone body. While aerial, air elemental magic can do much harm as well.

Aleron has a love for intense foods, eating highly peppered meats when he can. Vegetables and fruits eaten raw make him physicly ill, he can only eat meals of mostly meat. He has a love for strong drinks as well, a good way to win him over is with a bottle of fine ale.
Experimental character
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